Difference Between Korean Circle Lenses and Classic Color Lenses

What Are Circle Lenses ?

What Are “Big Eyes” Lenses and Korean Lenses ?

What Is the Difference With Color Lenses ?




All contact lenses that are not clear / transparent and that show a color are color contact lenses.

Circle lenses or Big eyes lenses are cosmetic contact lenses (color lenses) that have a dark black ring to make your iris appear larger than normally and make your whole eye look bigger and brighter for a super cute kawaii style.

Each circle lens adds definition and shine to your eyes for a gorgeous dolly eye look and exceptional comfort.

Big eyes lenses are originally from Korea and they are extremely popular there as well as in all Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand where over 30% of girls wear them.

Circles lenses are becoming more popular in many European countries and in USA where celebrities as Lady Gaga and Rihanna always wear big eyes circle lenses and show them in their music video, LadyGaga “Bad Romance” being an example of music video where you can see circle lenses.


Circle lenses or Big eyes contact lenses are available from many brands like Geo Medical (Nudy, Wing, Tri Color,…), Dueba G&G (Lace, DM23, Barbie,…), Vassen (Stella, Vivian, Alice, Natural,…), EOS, Neovision and more.
If it is the first time that you try contact lenses buying Korean lenses is a good choice as these lenses are the most comfortable on the market as well as the cheapest for the best quality.