Difference Between Left and Right Contact Lens

Difference Between Left and Right Contact Lens


You are maybe wondering why your lens case has the letters L and R meaning left and right written on it?

We are going to answer this question and explain you the difference between left and right contact lenses.


Most of the time there is no difference between the left and the right circle lens but it can happen when you have to wear contact lenses prescribed by your practitioner. Your ophthalmologist can prescribe different corrective contact lenses for each of your eyes, depending on the needed correction. Korean contact lenses also called circle lenses or color lenses sold on Solution-Lens.com are plano contact lenses, it means that they are not corrective lenses, every sticker on the top of each color lens vial shows 0.00.


Both of your eyes might need the same correction, in this case knowing which lens is left or right doesn’t matter. You are free to choose which lens you are going to put on each eye but only for the first time. When you take off your circle lenses for the first time it is important to put the lens that was on your right eye in the right part (R) of the lens case and do the same with the lens from your left eye that you must put it in the left part (L) of the lens case. Once a contact lens is worn on a specific eye you have to always use it on the same eye.


Recent medical studies have proved that in most cases human eyes are identical, if we talk about one person he will have the same shape and diameter for her both eyes.


But as mother nature doesn’t like perfect things  some rare individuals have two different eyes, these people will need to make the difference between their left and right contact lens. After the first time wearing their contact lenses they must always wear them on the same side because lenses will get the shape of the eye in which they are put. It is preferable to avoid swapping them from one eye to another. Don’t worry there is no risk to harm yourself if you make the mistake but always remember that it is better.


To make it easier we recommend you to have a daily routine with your contact lenses. For example always start with the right eye when you want to wear your contact lenses. Repeat the same operation when you take off the circle lenses and check well that you put your contact lens in the good contact lens side of the case which is here the right part with the letter R.


Keep that habit to avoid any trouble with your color lenses.


Another good reason to always keep your contact lens on the same eye is the following. In fact without knowing it, you can probably have an infection on one of your eyes, so if you switch your contact lens to the other eye you could transmit this infection and have both of you eyes infected. It’s really easy to avoid this risk of infection by respecting the simple rule :”never switch your left and right contact lens”. Your eyes are precious and hard to replace so don’t mess up.


It is generally easier to recognize the left or right contact lens of prescription lenses which have different correction for each eye. With these lenses it is normally possible to see some marks on the lens itself. The marks are not the same for every brands. Some brands don’t have the mark system, in that case it will be useful to apply the rule that we have explained above.


Remember to always check where are the right and left part of your lens case. One good thing to do is to change the cap color of your lens case to quickly know where is the right side for example.


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