Differences Between Color Lenses and Halloween or Cosplay Lenses

Differences Between Color Lenses and Halloween or Cosplay Lenses


You all know what are corrective contact lenses, but do you also know that you can wear contact lenses even if you can already see perfectly ? All contact lenses are also sold aas plano lenses (without correction) for example if you just want to change the color of your eyes and don’t have any eyesight issue, or if you want to have different eyes as animals eyes…


 Korean circle lenses are used as fashion accessories, a new way to be eccentric, bring a crazy touch to your look and your personality, use them as seduction weapons or help people to never forget you. Circle lenses can also be a complement to a costume for example for a cosplay event or Halloween party. Different range of circle lenses are available, each kind has a special purpose which can give variant results on you.


 Among circle lenses we have natural effect series which can lightly modify your eye color. Also exist opaque lenses which are not made to blend with the color of your eyes but cover it. They will totally modify your original iris color and you will look very different.

Other kind of circle lenses also called ”dolly eyes” or ”big eyes” can create the illusion that your eyes are larger, because the the circle pattern printed on the contact lens is bigger than an average iris.

Lenses with special effect as sparkling on the sunlight lenses or glowing in the dark lenses are available too. The best seller circle lenses are the “Crazy lenses”, they can allow you for example to turn your eyes into animals eyes (lion, cat, sheep, lizard, crocodile…) or supernatural creatures (vampire, zombie, superheroes). You can even wear symbols on your eyes as smiley, flags, messages (I love you, Kiss me, I want you…) or just logos (heart, dick, apple, peace and love…). Crazy lenses are very popular for a party, concert, rave and celebrations as Halloween, Christmas. Cosplayer use these lenses for gathering and convention to complete a costume and give soul to the character that they want to play.


 Soft circle lenses are the most comfortable, safe and affordable on the market, they are the contact lenses proposed on our shop Solution-Lens.com . The shelf life of our circle lenses is 5 years and the life time is 1 year after opening the vials. We sell the best trusted brands available in Korea and USA as Vassen, Geo Medical, Dueba and Dreamcon.


 It is absolutely necessary to respect all the care instructions and follow the basic rules of hygiene as cleaning your hands with soap and dry them perfectly with a fabric towel (not tissue). Only after this step you become able to manipulate cautiously your circle lenses. Always check out the expiry date on the label and use a multi-function care solution to clear any bacterium.


However, do not forget to take off your circle lenses before sleeping and keep the contact lenses in their case to let them soak with always a fresh new solution all night. It is not recommended to swim with your circle lenses and practice an intense physical or sport activity because your lenses might move in your eyes.


 If you get these good habits from the beginning, which is really easy, you can be sure to avoid any issue with your color circle lenses or your eyes. We can predict that you will become a circle lens addict as millions people around the world including celebrities who cannot leave their home without wearing their beautiful eyes accessories.