Diving in the Sea with Korean Color Lenses

Diving in the Sea with Korean Color Lenses



Your are going to practice scuba diving or snorkeling maybe for the first time and you are wondering if wearing color contact lenses isn’t compatible with these activities. The real question is: Are there contraindications to wear contact lenses while practicing scuba diving or snorkeling?


Good news for the lovers of the big blue who want to fully enjoy their experience and observe the aquatic world clearly without having vision issues. It is possible to use contact lenses with your usual diving mask but you will have to respect few fundamentals for the health of your eyes.


Before starting diving put few drops of lubricant solution in your eyes, it will protect both your eyes and lenses.

Then like any good scuba diver check well your diving mask to see if it’s perfectly waterproof, this check is very important because you have to know that you can’t get salty water into your eyes with contact lenses on, otherwise you’ll feel a very bad sensation of burning, you could damage at the same time your eyes and your lenses.


Once in the water make few exercises regularly by blinking your eyes, it will avoid little bubbles of air that could stick between your lens and your eye, you will see quickly if you are experiencing bubbles because you will get a blur vision. While diving if you feel that your diving mask is leaking do not hesitate and go back to the surface. Please respect carefully the rules of scuba diving by being careful to make the decompression before having your head off the water, otherwise you could put your life in danger.


On the other hand, use only soft daily contact lenses and prefer the hydrogel lenses, they will keep moisturized longer under water in your diving mask where the air pressure and density are augmented.


If you plan to practice scuba diving more often or if you are already practicing it often you might prefer to wear scuba diving mask with corrective lenses, this is the most convenient solution. The bad point is that this kind of diving mask is really expensive, unfortunately.


As you can see it is possible to practice scuba diving without taking off your circle contact lenses, so let’s enjoy it soon.