Do not Rub your Eyes when Wearing Circle Lenses

Do not Rub your Eyes when Wearing Circle Lenses


 If you wear corrective or plano contact lenses, you might wonder: “can I rub my eyes with contact lenses on?”.


Everyday your eyes are exposed to irritations caused by pollution and particles settle in your eyes but the main reason that makes you feel like to rub your eyes is itchiness due to allergies from pollens, animal fur or feather. This irritation problem can happen when your eyes are dry too.


The natural reflex to rub your eyes triggered by irritation stimulates your eyes to produce tears, lubricate your eyes, rinse and remove foreign bodies, this is why you want to rub your eyes.


However when you wear contact lenses there are few risks to rub your eyes, you can harm or irritate them if you do it too hard, because the pressure done on your retina can cause vision issues. On the other hand, you increase the risk to contaminate your contact lenses and your eyes even if your hands are clean and dried which is always what you have to do when you need to manipulate your contact lenses.


Then if you start feeling an irritation, the best thing to do is to take off your circle lenses. The irritation can be generated by the dryness of your contact lenses, you can fix this matter by adding lubricant eye drop in your eyes, blink your eyes few times to spread the liquid on the surface of the eye and keep your eyes closed for few minutes. This solution is perfect when you are on the go but if you have time it is preferable to soak the contact lenses in their case with multi-purpose solution.


If the problem is caused by a foreign body, you have to take off your contact lenses, rinse and clean them with multi-purpose solution care, but clean the inside and the outside of the contact lens by rubbing them between your fingers to make sure that the small particle is gone.


The last case that can push you to rub your eyes is an allergic reaction. You need to rinse and clean your contact lenses with special lens care multi-purpose solution. Your eyes need to be cleaned as well and treated with antiallergic eye drop or antihistamines medicine, but before using drugs for the first time you might consult an eye doctor as an ophthalmologist