Do you Know Color Contact Lenses and Circle Lenses

Do you Know Color Contact Lenses and Circle Lenses ?


Contact lenses also called “big eyes lenses” or “dolly eyes lenses” are cosmetic contact lenses. As their name say a circle or ring is printed on the outer part of the lens and it will cover the white part of the eye (white part close to the iris).

This ring will make you iris look bigger than its real size and the final effect will look as oif you had big eyes. A large amount of patterns and colors are available. The design of circle lenses can be perfect for special occasion as valentine’s day, Christmas or Halloween, and each series of circle lenses can show one to four or five colors blending together. These circle lenses are particularly adapted to dark eyes which are usualy more difficult than lighter eyes (blue,green, gray) to change color.


This new generation of lenses has been created and are made in South Korea by a company called Geo Lenses. Circle lenses became a real phenomenon in South Korea and quickly spread to Japan before invading the whole world. In Japan circle lens was the accessory missing to fit to “kawaii” fashion and now everybody can really look kawai (cute in Japanese). Our circle lenses are also really popular in other Asian countries as Thailand, Taiwan, China, Malaysia or Singapore but now the trend has been confirmed in United States then Europe (special thanks to Lady Gaga’s video clip “Bad Romance” and others singers admired by teenagers).


Circle lenses add aesthetic, depth and intensity to the look and the final result can be compared to dolly eyes, however flashy designs made to be seen by others are not appropriate for those wanting to change discreetly, subtly or naturally the color of their eyes.


Wearing this range of color lenses doesn’t need particularly skills, you can try on circle lenses as any other color lenses, they are comfortable too or even more.


Of course circle lenses are available without prescription as any other color lenses without correction and don’t have any contraindications.


If you really want to change your look and hypnotize people among your entourage, circle lenses are what you need and you won’t be able to live without them anymore after your first try.


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