Do you Wear your Contact Lenses Too Long ?

Do you Wear your Contact Lenses Too Long ?


Do you wonder if you wear your contact lenses for too long?

You might know that it’s not good to wear your contact lenses more than 12 hour a day. This time limit is just an indication and can change if your eyes are tired, maybe you spend too much time in front of your computer screen or you are prone to dry eye problem.


On the other hand you have to be aware about what kind of contact lens you wear. You have to know that soft contact lenses can be worn longer than hard contact lenses because soft contact lenses allow the cornea to get the oxygen needed unlike hard contact lenses.


There is another kind of contact lens which can be called circle lens, Korean lens and sometimes big eye lens and these lenses are mostly cosmetic lenses.

The particularity of these contact lenses is that they are printed with beautiful designs and are most of the time sold without correction just as a fashion accessories. This model of contact lens is bigger than usual contact lens, it covers the iris and a white part around it to make illusion that your eyes are bigger. It is recommended to wear a circle lens pair no more than 10 hours a day because they cover a larger part of the eye than standard contact lenses.


Never forget to follow the basic rules of hygiene and be careful if you feel any symptom related to eye fatigue like prickling, itchiness, burning, light sensitivity, blur vision…


The best thing to do if you feel one of these symptoms is to remove right away your contact lens. Moisturize your eye with eye drop lubricant and soak the contact lens for a while (about 1 hour) in multi-purpose solution care to kill bacteria and clean it perfectly.


Once you are ready you can try on your contact lens again but if you feel any discomfort don’t wait and remove it immediately to avoid complications.

In this case you better visit your ophthalmologist who will give you a better diagnosis. If you have any problem the practitioner will also be able to give you a prescription for medicines.

During your visit bring your contact lens and show them to your doctor who will recommend you the right brand to buy and maybe confirm that the ones you have are good.

Important thing to remember, during your eye check your doctor can measure and tell you what is your eye base curve. This measure in millimeters (mm) will be useful to buy the contact lenses that fit you the best.


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Learn well how to take care your circle lenses to wear them as often as you want and make them last 1 full year.