Dropshipping Contact Lens to Send Orders to my Customers on my Behalf

Dropshipping Contact Lens to Send Orders to my Customers on my Behalf

Hello I wanted to sell your products.
I saw your company listed in a wholesale / drop shipping directory.
I was wondering if you provide the service of shipping your products out to my customers for me?
And if you do, if there’s a cost or minimum order quantity to dropship your products?
Thank you for your time!

Dear customer, Thank you for your message.

We propose a better offer than any affiliation program: we have a dropshipping service and we will send orders directly to your customers all over the world. You will make more profit than with any affiliation program.


Our offer is this one:

Buy contact lenses one by one for your customers and each time you reach a total of 10 pairs bought on our shop at standard price we will ship the next 5 pairs for free (after you have bought 10 pairs you don’t need to order the next 5 pairs, just send us an Email every time you have an order until you have used your 5 free pairs quota). This way you can take advantage of our “15 pairs for $199” offer even if you order lenses one by one.

It means that if you sell contact lenses as cheap as us $19.90 you will make $100 profit for 10 pairs sold, but if you sell contact lenses more than $19.90 as many shops do, you can make more than $100 profit for 10 pairs sold. And the best is that you don’t have to spend any money because you buy the contact lenses only when your customers have already paid them.

This $199 offer only concerns lenses that cost $19.90 and if you want to order lenses that cost more the total of the 10 paid pairs will be more than $199. Also you cannot choose lenses that cost more than $19.90 as free pairs.

We usually only offer this price ($199 for 15 pairs) to people who buy 15 pairs in one time, but as you are going to finally buy more than 15 pairs we can offer you this deal, even if we have to spend more for shipping (shipping 15 pairs one by one is more expensive than shipping 15 pairs in one time).

If you want a better price you will have to buy at least 50 pairs of contact lenses on this page:


If you decide to do business with us, just order our products as usual and write your customers address in the form (shipping address), then we will ship orders anonymously to your customers (without any information about our store and the “sender” address is an anonymous PO BOX). We also send all parcels declared as “Gift” to make sure that your customers won’t have any customs duty to pay. Do not forget to type “DROPSHIPPING #” in the comment box to remind us to keep this order anonymous.

You must make 10 orders without free pair and “Dropshipping #1”, “Dropshipping #2”, “Dropshipping #3”, …until “Dropshipping #10” must written in the COMMENT BOX. Then you must send 5 Emails with “Dropshipping Free Pair #1” , …until “Dropshipping Free Pair #5” written in the SUBJECT LINE.

If you make orders with free pairs they won’t count for the total to get 5 free pairs and we are sorry but any order that doesn’t respect these rules won’t count. Of course as always shipping is totally free. We repeat that any orders that include free pairs do not count for your total of dropshipping orders because you have already selected free pairs with these orders.

Later if you become a regular customer we can adapt our offer, but the way to start our business partnership is this one as we cannot offer better prices to someone who has never purchased our products and who does not want to invest to buy lenses in advance.

We do not supply pictures of contact lenses for legal reasons but you can use the pictures from our shop if you keep buying products from us and you can also find contact lenses pictures on the manufacturers websites. If you become a regular customer we will send you pictures of new products and the products photos that you cannot find, but at first, we are sure that you can find enough on the brands websites as everybody does.


– Shipping is free

– Free tracking number for all orders

– Only plano contact lenses (no correction, degree 0.0)

– You are not allowed to pay with Paypal because Paypal does not allow to send orders to different addresses, so your must use our secure bank payment system (the first choice that you will see during checkout)

Please contact us again if you need any other information or just start to make orders if everything is clear.

Best regards,

Your customer service