Eagle Vision with Zoom Contact Lenses

Eagle Vision with Zoom Contact Lenses



If there is a field where technology has made a big step, it is for sure in the contact lenses world.


 Following the “Google lens” that allows people with diabetes to check in real time their sugar blood level and alert them when it becomes critical, there are contact lenses giving 3D vision, circle lenses giving people a wider visual range, contact lenses that can change colors unlimitedly or even online circle lenses able to provide useful informations as directions, pictures or collecting information as faces or places by taking pictures. And now the latest generation of contact lenses will give you a sort of superpower. These contact lenses allow you to zoom where you want to look up to 8 times bigger than what you usually see. By wearing these circle lenses you will be able to zoom, you will feel like an eagle or superman using his powers.


 Very ligh and pretty comfortable the contact lenses are 1.1mm thick with a diameter of 11mm. Compared to usual contact lenses this new generation is a bit thicker, classic contact lenses being 0.2mm thick with 14mm diameter. There is still a gray area about those new contact lenses because nobody knows if you can use them automatically or if you need to command them via a remote.


Listening to American scientists who created the new hi-tech generation contact lenses, it seems that they wanted to give to human new physical faculty that animals already have, but found that the only way is to become a cyborg. This technology will first be used by military to help soldiers to be more efficient and give them a stong advantage on their enemies.


 The first generation of zooming lens has to be linked to 3D glasses to allow the user to switch with normal view and zoom. In a very close future scientists expect to improve their invention to make the lens works without 3D glasses. Scientists would like to improve the quality of the visual render of the contact lens with a better contrast and high definition image, they plan as well to add very cool functions like night vision or be able to scan the surrounding to collect data.


 That invention is just the beginning of a big era coming to us, imagine all the applications possible to create in different fields like medical or military. There is something else that you need to know: research on this new technology contact lenses was partly funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency), a research agency working for the Pentagone and indeed for the American government.


 With that new invention Hollywood movies characters like Terminator are becoming possible. The high-tech eagle eye vision lens is just a the beginning of its existence but lenses like this one should be available on the market really soon.