Easy Halloween Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Easy Halloween Leopard Makeup Tutorial


You’re in the mood to be a cat for Halloween ? Wear a costume that matches your Halloween state of mind, so why not being a leopard ?

What Is a Leopard ?

This noble animal has a beautiful fur sometimes black or light orange with black spots. If you wonder why some leopards are black (called panthers), it is only due to a different pigmentation made by melanin. A black female can make two cubs that can look very different, one can be black and the other one brown or light orange spotted. So, you can decide to create a leopard or a panther makeup, but with its black color the panther makeup will be thougher to make.

Choose Your Leopard Costume

For the leopard costume you can easily find dresses, pants, Tshirts and even shoes that imitate the leopard fur. If you don’t want to spend too much money in your costume, remember that you can go to a second hand clothes shop and save a lot of money.

Clothes with leopard spots are often considered as vulgar or dorky, but today these clothes are perfect for Halloween and they will match our leopard face makeup. So don’t worry nobody will laugh at you.

Which Leopard Contact Lenses ?

This is all about the ultimate detail that will make the difference among other people wearing a costume, the look.

Turn your eyes into ferocious predator eyes, using our special Halloween circle lenses you can choose among different designs to get your big cat eyes, yellow color with Geo SFY05, green color with Geo SFG05 or your can use our glamor pink Geo SF64, purple Geo SF86 or brown Geo SF63 leopard circle lenses.

You can even choose a plain orange color circle lenses like the Geo SF87.


Halloween Leopard Makeup

To create your leopard Halloween makeup the best is to use face paints and brushes having different sizes, from big to small. Start painting all over your face the orange tone color. Then use the black color to darken your nose extremity to make the illusion that you have a snout like a leopard, don’t forget your lips and the area around your eyes.

Now have a closer look on the pictures of this page to find inspiration and start to make the makeup details. If you’re a girl and want that your makeup looks more feminine, don’t hesitate to apply mascara and eyeliner on your eyes to highlight them, a pair of long fake eyelashes will increase your sensuality. Now it’s time to start the most difficult part of the makeup, take a deep breath and do it easy. Draw black and dark brown stains, some will be plain and other will look like two close circular shapes encircled with a line. Leopard fur pattern changes depending on the age and areas where the animal comes from, so you’re free to make your makeup as you feel it.



So, now you know how easy it is to make a Halloween leopard or panther makeup, don’t waste any more time to prepare an awesome Halloween party and enjoy it. Happy Halloween !