Easy Hello Kitty Halloween Makeup

Easy Hello Kitty Halloween Makeup


We have selected an easy and very feminine makeup that can be perfect to a woman or a little girl for Halloween. We have chosen Hello Kitty makeup, as the character name says Kitty is a little white kitten wearing a big pink hair tie bow close to her left ear. Coming from Japan, Kitty was created by Sanrio company which uses this cute little face to sell many products like school supplies, bags, toys, clothes, fashion accessories and even high tech products.

Thanks to all these products Kitty is everywhere and has conquered the whole world. Kitty was introduced in Japan in 1975 and reach USA in 1976, Hello Kitty became a world’s phenomenon since 2010. You’ll bring a nice happy and funny touch if you choose to costume yourself or your child as Hello Kitty for Halloween.


For Hello Kitty costume, the easiest is to get official clothes but if you don’t have the budget it is easy to find counterfeit product on the Internet. A little white dress with Hello Kitty’s face on it would be perfect. It is quite easy to find everywhere and really affordable.


If you want to make Halloween a party time, a magical and eccentric moment, dare to wear colored contact lenses from our product rage “CRAZY LENS”. These circle lenses will enhance your look and make your eyes beautiful, to look like our Kitty cat we recommend you to try the pink Geo SF36, Geo SF64 or Geo CPA1. We can even provide circle lenses able to give you the “dolly eye” effect like the Vassen Tofi, Vassen Lorenz or Dueba Mimo Forest. These circle lenses brands are from a recent survey, among the surest and safest on the market.


Of course the makeup is the most important step and essential to look like Hello Kitty character. So take your time and do it well. To create your Hello Kitty makeup, have a look at the posted photos of this blog page. You can choose to paint your whole face or create a “painted mask”.

If you choose to make the mask, start drawing on your face with a black makeup pencil, Hello Kitty outlines. Once Hello kitty face shapes are drawn, you can draw a little circle on the extremity of your nose and the tie bow close to her left ear. Now you can fill-up the inside of the black stroke with white paint or white foundation excluding the circle on the nose that should be fulfill in yellow and the tie bow in pink. Finish drawing black mustaches on your cheeks.


Now you are ready to meow like a cat all night long for Halloween.

We wish you the best Halloween ever!