Emo Halloween Makeup Ideas

Emo Halloween Makeup Ideas


For Halloween, did you decide to wear emo costume and makeup ?

This artistic and music style come from the punk movement appeared in the 70’s. Emo look is often misunderstood and mistaken for satanic look, emo look as the characteristics to use dark outrageous makeup, being sometimes androgynous, using sexy macabre black clothes, silver jewels and piercings. Emo influences are various: Velvet Underground, David Bowie, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees and the most famous now, Marylin Manson.

Emo look start with a hairdo, you have to color your hairs in black first. Then you can work on your hair busy with the help of a lot of gel like “The Cure” or straighten it like people displayed on this page. Then it’s time to put black nail polish to get perfect emo hand.

About the dress code, use black clothes and don’t hesitate to have different layers added together. if you are a girl wear fishnet stocking, trench-coat or sexy fetishist rubber or vinyl clothes. Other ideas are for example black boots, corset and accessories as black leather bracelet or anklet, spiked belt and lace gloves. Do not hesitate to wear numerous silver jewels as ring, cross pendent, necklace, earring and piercing anywhere it can be seen.



Another important transformation to have a better emo look concerns your eyes. To do this, the only way is to wear cosplay color lenses. We recommend you incredible patterns as white Geo SF-16 with their black ring that Marylin Manson often wears, Geo CP-F7 fully black and opaque, white Geo CP-F1 and Geo SF-W05 which are cat eyes color lenses. All these cosplay contact lenses meet the needs of strict standards as European CE and American FDA.

To make a beautiful emo makeup, give to your skin a very pale tone using white foundation, apply it on your whole face. Then if you are a girl or a boy, highlight the edge of your eyes with an eyeliner (pen, brush, gel…) and create the illusion to have a bigger eye by making the eyeliner line larger on the outside of your eye. Darken your eyes with gray eyelid powder, apply it only on the moving part of the eyelid. You can use false eyelashes for a better result. Another idea, apply a dark color lipstick on your lips like hazel, brown, black or on the opposite flashy bloddy red.

You are now ready to show the best emo look for Halloween or any important event.

We wish you a dark and scary Halloween day, moohahahaha!