Everything to Know about Color Contact Lenses

Everything to Know about Color Contact Lenses


Do you know that more people wear contact lenses than what you think?

According to a recent study, there are more than 30 million people wearing hard or soft circle lenses in the U.S. In comparison more than 144 million wear glasses, the percentage of people wearing glasses is decreasing year after year because every year contact lenses seduce more people who understand how good and convenient these items are. Contact lenses are safer, more handy and comfortable than glasses. There are differences between gender and ages concerning circle lenses use, 2/3 of circle lenses wearers are women with an average age of 31 years old.

Contact lens are used for two main reasons?

First, because of their functionalities. Contact lenses can improve the vision and replace glasses which are not very handy, some models can protect from sun’s UV too.

On the other hand contact lenses are used for aesthetic and fashion. Color contact lenses offer the possibility to change the color and the shape of the eyes. This transformation allows to change the appearance of someone which by the way will catch the attention of the others, the result is to get good feedbacks. Color lenses can become a real asset for the wearer especially in this world where appearance is important and often the only way to have an opinion about someone that we first meet.

Many models of contact lenses exist, they can be hard lenses, soft lenses, disposable or not. Circle lenses can be daily, weekly, montly or yearly (limit of use for Korean color lenses).

Many contact lenses brands on the market try to get the lion share, the competition is rough. We recommend you to choose and use famous brands worn by million consumers every year. These trusted brands as Vassen, Geo Medical and Dueba meet the European (C.E.) and American standards (F.D.A.), these contact lenses are 100% safe.

American and European standards are the most selective and efficient way to trust a brand of contact lenses because tests and norms are very difficult to pass through.

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