Expiration Date or Korean Color Lens

Can I buy multiple lenses and keep them if I do not open them, will they expire fast ?

  Expiration Date or Korean Color Lens


Many people wonder about Korean lenses expiration date. Why is it possible to use Korean lenses 1 full year when lenses sold by classic optical shops can be used a maximum of few months ?

The reply is as simple as profit: some optical shops do not want to sell contact lenses that can be used 12 months because it means that customers won’t come back quickly enough. By selling contact lenses that can be used only 3 months shops can be sure to make more profit.


If you want you can buy multiple contact lenses, and actually as many as you want, because you can keep them for a long time before you open the bottle, 5 years from the manufacturing date.

If you have many contact lenses you should check the expiration date on the vial before you use them to wear first the ones that will expire the earliest.


Expiration Date or Korean Color Lens


Circle lenses or big eyes lenses can be stored in their unopened packaging bottles up to 5 years since the date they came out from factory, but whenever you open the bottles, you should use your circle lenses within 1 year.


And 1 year is what contact lens brands recommend, but ophthalmologists prefer to advise to wear lenses a maximum of 6 months even when they are sold as 1 year disposable lenses. The reason is that some people do not take a good care of their contact lenses and 1 year is enough time for them to wear lenses that are not perfectly clean.


But if you take a good care of your contact lenses you can really wear them during one full year.