Festive Season Makeup

Festive Season Makeup




Here we have cool color trends for this festive holiday season. Christmas and New Year 2012 can inspire you to decorate your home and also add more charm to your look to impress your friends and family.

If you are starting to set up and create some Christmas decorations at home and want to show a glamour classic style then silver color and shades of green are the best choice for Christmas celebration. These glamour trends will certainly work well at your place to create a beautiful and warm atmosphere.

Here are some examples of how these two colors can help you to decorate your home


Christmas and New Year Silver and Green color Trends


When you look at this beautiful Christmas decoration you understand why simple icy and green colors match very well together. You can keep the art of classic and elegant style by focusing on white and silver, but also add a fun touch of green like sweet limes or varying textures and shades of green.



But house decoration is not enough for the holiday season and it’s also important for everybody to look beautiful, so do not forget to add some charm to your look, especially because it’s so easy to match your style with your silver and green Christmas theme by choosing some perfect colored contacts lenses for your eyes.

First try to think about how you will dress for your silver and green christmas. Of course you can choose comfortable white or green clothes but if you want to stand out more, then red clothes or any colorful clothes are a better choice for you.


If you choose white, silver or light pink clothes, then your accessories should be green or gold like a beautiful foral green necklace, green amber jewelry, green scarf, green shoes or simple green colored contact lenses in your eyes.


White Dress and Green Accessories for Christmas 2011Christmas and New Year 2011 Silver and Green color Trends



If you prefer to look more outstanding, you may choose pink or sexy red clothes for your Christmas night and add some cool silver, white or gold accessories to complement your hot look. Also don’t forget a pair of silver or gray colored contacts lenses for your sexy eyes.


Christmas and New Year Silver and Green color TrendsChristmas and New Year Silver and Green color Trends



As any Christmas would not be complete without nice gifts you can offer to your friends and family members special gifts that you can choose among the best and unique ideas of colored contact lenses gifts and we are sure that everybody will be impressed and happy with these amazing and beautiful gifts.

With our cool Christmas color trends idea, you are ready to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season with all the people that you love, and you can be sure that nobody will ever forget this special moment.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and we hope that you will enjoy our circle lenses Christmas promotion.