Find the Most Natural Color Contat Lens

Find the Most Natural Color Contat Lens



Are you looking for the most natural contact lenses ? Which color do you want ? If you want to have natural eyes you should only select a color that exists as natural color, because if you choose red or purple contact lenses it might be difficult to pretend that it is your natural color.

So if you want to change your eyes color but still want to have a very natural eye color you must select carefully the contact lenses that you are going to wear.


For example if you are Asian, African or just have black hair and tanned skin, wearing bright blue contact lenses or bright green contact lenses is maybe not the perfect choice to look natural. Of course some people with darker skin have natural blue eyes or green eyes, but only few of them, and when you see an African person or Asian person with blue eyes or green eyes we are sure that your first thought is that she has changed her eye color instead of thinking that she has beautiful natural blue eyes or beautiful natural green eyes. The situation is similar if you have dark hair or dark skin and wear blue or green contact lenses, it won’t look very natural to other people.


So if you want to change your eye color and still look as if mother nature gave you this color you must select your eyes accessories carefully, not only their color but also their design and pattern.

If you look at eyes pictures closely on Internet you will see that our eyes color is not plain and that not only colors are mixed but that some designs can also be seen.

You can find some special designs on colour lenses, from simple natural designs to very sophisticated designs or even funny designs. If you want your eyes to look natural you must only wear natural looking design and avoid for example heart shape design or Hello Kitty design.


Then comes circle lenses that are the newest trend among colour lenses. Circle lenses are made in Korea and not only offer amazing colors and patterns, but they also often come in large diameter (larger than your natural iris) as well as with a black circle / black outer ring (limbal ring).

Of course as real eyes are not so big and as real eyes do not have a very thick dark circle around you won’t achieve a natural look if you wear Korean color lenses that have both these features, so it’s better to avoid these lenses to look real.


Now that you know the big lines about color lenses let’s check which items you should buy if you want to change your eye color to be more beautiful but do not want to look fake.



What are the most natural colors for contact lenses ?


As explained earlier the most natural colors are the ones that nature can give to some people at birth, and they are mostly black, brown, blue, green and gray. Some of these colors mixed together can also show a new natural colors as blue-green, blue-gray or even green-gray. Many differents shades of black, brown, blue green and gray can also be found in people eyes, and this is why natural eyes all look different.

But if you want to wear contact lenses that look natural you should also wear contact lenses that have a natural patern, contact lenses that do not have a too thick black circle and contact lenses which diameter is not too large.


Natural colour lenses with special pattern / design


Color lenses do not only bring to your eyes a new color but they also often come with a new design. The most amazing designs are found on Korean lenses which are the trendiest color lenses but all contact lenses brands also offer different designs or at least one special design.

These designs often are very nice and even cute, with flowers, rabbits and other nice things that we hardly find in people eyes, but if you want natural looking eyes you should not have such amazing pattens in your eyes as these styles cannot be found in people real eyes.

So if you want to have a new eye color that look natural you must not only choose a real natural color but you must also select a real natural design that looks like eyes that people have since they are born.

We have been talking about Korean lenses that often show an amazing pattern but these lenses sometimes have more specific characteristics as for instance a black ring around the lens or a larger diameter or iris. Let’s check if these features look natural or not.


Natural color lenses with black circle

The limbal ring is the dark circle around your iris, the line that separates the colored part of the eye from the white part (sclera). Usually the bigger and darker is a person limbal ring, the more attractive the eyes are and people with the prettiest eyes have the most prominent limbal rings.

Many studies show that men prefer women with a dark limbal rings and that women prefer men with dark limbal rings. Men and women also judge faces of the same sex as more attractive when the limbal rings were large, so if everybody like this ring it’s a chance that many have it.

The problem is that this ring which is the thickest when you are a baby fades with age and with medical problems. It’s thickest from infancy through the early twenties, so people who want to appear younger like to wear contact lenses that have a thick outer ring as natural thick limbal ring. It also makes the white sclera of the eyes whiter, one of the reason why many people think that light coloured eyes are so sexy, as their limbal ring is more prominent and can easily be seen.

Also, if you want to know the limbal ring is well-named because “limbis” that means border or edge is related to “limbic”, meaning emotion or drives, so having a thick limbal ring is almost an invitation…

Contact lenses with dark circle around have been created by Asian contact lens brands to make the eyes look bigger and more defined.

Not all Korean color lenses have a black circle around the lens (black outer ring) but many have it, and this is why they are often called circle lenses. This ring imitates the natural limbal ring that can be seen more or less on some natural eyes.

This circle is a great feature of Korean lenses that most wearers like, especially people who want to have bigger eyes, but if you really want to have natural looking eyes you should not select contact lenses that have a too thick limbal ring.

A standard black limbal ring is acceptable and still look natural but the kind of very thick ring that show some Korean circle lenses won’t help you to have natural looking eyes, so if your target is to show blue or green eyes that mother nature could gave given you, then do not select lenses with the larger ring.





Large diameter natural color lenses

The last point that you cannot forget to check if you want to buy natural color lenses is the diameter of these eyes accessories.

Classic color lenses as Freshlook lenses or Solotica lenses have a standard diameter which is not too big and this is why people who do not know Korean color lenses very well think that only these lenses look natural.

But actually hundreds of Korean contact lenses also have a standard diamter of 14mm, 14.2mm or 14.5mm, and these are the lenses that you should choose if you want to have natural looking eyes.

It is not a good idea to choose contact lenses with a diameter over 14.5mm if you want that your eyes look natural becauses lenses of 15mm or more are made to look like a doll, the favorite style of cute Asian girls.

So if you want to buy Korean lenses because the choice of colors and styles is a lot better than classic color lenses sold at optical shops, do not forget to select only the smallest Korean lens that you can find as they are the items that you need to look pretty with an incredible eye color but with still very natural looking eyes.


As you now know, it is possible to wear color lenses and still have natural looking eyes, so if this is your target you should only order the right colors and the right design to show the most natural eye color. If you need help please contact customer service, but if you already know what you want to buy enjoy our store now and start showing your new eyes within a few days when you receive your order.