Free Contact Lenses to Review on Instagram

Free Contact Lenses to Review on Instagram

Dear Solution Lens Team,
My name is Okan Kırat and I am a male lifestyle blogger on Instagram from Turkey.

I’m emailing yourself in regards to Solution Lens Blogger Sponsorship Program. I am actively looking to take on new partnership with established beauty companies. I have been a fan of Circle Lens for a number of years now. I’m keen to get in touch with someone from your marketing team, as I am interested in collaborating with Solution Lens.

I am posting about male lifestyle since 2013. I really love shearing fashion and beauty tips with my followers and that’s why I started blogging. My Instagram Page now has over 26000 followers and I am growed fast within last month. I have more than 35000 InstaStory viewers daily.

I am proud of working with you.

Okan Kırat


Thank you for your message.

Please follow these easy steps to receive a contact lens pair.

1- Post this text on all your social accounts/channels/websites:

“I will review contact lenses when I receive the pair that they have sent me. Please follow me if you want to read it soon.”

2- Reply to this message to send us the LINKS TO YOUR PAGES announcing the review, with your complete NAME + ADDRESS and the COLOR of the contact lenses that you want to review.

3- When you receive our parcel please publish the promised review, and if it is complete enough we will send you another free pair to make your next review.

4- Please wait 4 weeks to receive your parcel as the demand is high and we can only send few free pairs everyday.

If you receive this Email again after replying us, it means that your reply was incomplete. Please send one more time all the details that we have asked, and at least send us again your name and address. If we don’t contact you anymore, it means that your free pair is on the way, please be patient.

Thank you so much !