Genuine Vassen Pretty Korean Circle Lens

Genuine Vassen Pretty Korean Circle Lens


How to know that you Vassen color lenses are genuine

New authentic look of Vassen Pretty circle lenses




Vassen circle lens company has launched new contact lenses series and you can see on these pictures how look the new genuine Vassen color lenses. Unlike Geo lenses Vassen doesn’t propose an authenticity sticker but if you buy products on our store you can’t be wrong as we only sell authentic circle lenses.



Vassen Kitty Kawaii and Vassen Pretty color lens


Vassen contact lenses on our shop are sold with 2 different labels: Vassen Kitty Kawaii and Vassen Pretty

Only Vassen Kitty Kawaii contact lenses and Vassen Pretty contact lenses are genuine products and if you buy any Vassen contacts with another label you are taking a risk because you might get counterfeit lenses.

Vassen Pretty circle lenses now come with a new green cap that no other contact lens manufacturer uses. Also, no fake lenses supplier use a green cap as this one, so you can be sure to buy genuine items if your Vassen lenses have a green cap.

If you want more information about Vassen Korean circle lenses please contact Vassen official distributor:


Authenic Vassen Pretty Contact Lenses



Check the Vassen lens cap and you will find “IRIS VASSEN” written on the side and above


Authenic Vassen Pretty Contact Lenses

Authenic Vassen Pretty Contact Lenses


These pictures show the only authentic Vassen contact lenses, so if you want to be sure that the Vassen lenses that you have received are genuine just compare them with these photos of genuine Vassen vials.

If you have any question about the authenticity of contact lenses that you have bought on any store just send us a message and we will help you to know if your lenses are authentic or not: