Gift Idea for Congratulations after Exams Success

Gift Idea for Congratulations after Exams Success

This, year you have decided to reward your child who has worked hard to reach the higher grade or get high-school diploma, associate degree or any kind of degree. This is the best way to cheer up your child and give him motivation to get other degrees. Today we want to give you a good idea for a useful and affordable gift, we are talking about colored contact lenses, available without prescription because their purpose is not to correct vision but appearance by giving a beautiful look.



Different kind of contact lenses exist, we can classify them in 3 categories

The first category is Korean circle lenses called “cosplay lenses” or “animation lenses” that are made to be worn with costume at party events as New Year’s party or tp celebrate diploma and degree, a birthday, carnival, Mardi Gras, etc…

These color lenses are available by clicking on “COSPLAY ANIMATION” in our shop menu. In this contact lenses range you’ll find impressive contact lenses with very realistic effect, many are used in the cinema industry for science fiction or fantasy movies. You will find on our webstore lenses to have eyes of manga character, demon, vampire, robot, zombie, cat dragon, monster or alien.

Our contact lenses are genuine high quality products, this series is opaque and cover perfectly the real color of your eyes, no matter the size or the shape of your eyes. Of course our cosplay contacts give you the same field of vision. Your can be sure that if you offer this gift to anyone this person will be very happy.



Another category and another gift idea for someone who had success at exams, this time mostly for women and teenage girls is circle lenses also called korean lenses.

They own their name from the trend that came from Korea and Japan few years ago  and that spread around the world like a wildfire, every fancy girl being crazy about them. Circle lenses are larger than usual lenses, a ring is able to cover the white part of the eye close to the iris to make the illusion that the eye is bigger, it will give more expression and intensity to the eye, exactly as a mascara or an eyeliner can do. Before you ask let me tell you that wearing circle lenses is not more dangerous than traditional contact lenses.

The important thing is to always respect the basic rules of hygiene and never wear contact lenses more than 10 hours per day.



Last category and gift idea is classic color Lenses that will be really useful for your son or daughter because they will help to improve their appearance but still look natural at the same time. Your child can wear color lenses daily without any risk.

They are so discrete that at the start of the school year only close friends who already know him will notice that your child wear color lenses, everybody else will just believe that Korean lenses color is his natural eye color.

This secret tip will make your child more eye-catching, charismatic and special compared to others, it will also give your child more self-confidence which is good when you have goal to reach or exams to success.

Color lenses will pop up your offsprings eyes giving them sparks, another color, tone, new reflect matching skin tone, personality and physical appearance. You are invited to visit our shop and choose the best color lenses that your progeny deserves among our genuine trusted brands like Geo, Vassen, Dreamcon and Dueba.

Each series offers a different style and is available in numerous colors.