Glossary of Korean Circle Lenses for Beginners

Glossary of Korean Contact Lenses

What You Need To Know About Lenses

Glossary of Korean Circle Lenses for Beginners

Many people enjoy making a fashion statement with colored contact lenses, while others often feel confused when they want to buy some contact lenses. If you are new and want to get a pair of color lenses, then you need to know some information before ordering your first pair.

It is always good and wise decision to do some research before placing your first order of contact lenses. You only have one pair of eyes, so take care of them and pay attention to the following details to find the most comfortable lenses for your eyes.

Big Eye Circle Lens

Glossary of Korean Circle Lenses for Beginners

Big eye contact lens or big eye circle lens is a cosmetic contact lens or non corrective contact lens that makes your eyes appear larger and that come in variety of colors and effects. 


All big eye contact lenses have a diameter bigger than 14.0mm and can go up to 18.0mm. On website big eye contact lenses are available in 14.20mm, 14.50mm, 14.80mm and 15.00mm. No lenses are bigger than 15.0mm on our shop since larger sizes could be harmful to the eyes.  These big eyes lenses become a trend throughout South Korea, Japan, Thailand and many countries but most of the time it is not legal to sell contact lenses bigger than 15mm.

Limbal Ring Circle Lens

Glossary of Korean Circle Lenses for Beginners


A limbal ring is a dark ring or the darkest color around the iris surrounding the whole lenses. It is often in black color for the limbal ring. The darkest color or the limbal rings are considered attractive and imply youthfulness like byby’s eyes.

Circle Lens Base Curve


Everybody should know his eyes base curve before buying contact lenses. Knowing which base curve you need is one of the most important aspects when ordering contact lenses online. Base curve is actually the shape of the lens and a correct base curve will fit on your cornea. Most of the time people base curve is 8.6mm or 8.7mm.

Contact lenses with an incorrect base curve for your eyes is one of the most common reasons for discomfort, too large or too small base curve always bring a very uncomfortable feeling to your eyes.

You need to visit an eye specialist to know the base curve that match your eyes. The right base curve will fit properly and cover the entire cornea, your lenses should move slightly when you blink your eyes.

If you feel dryness, itchiness, irritation or if the lenses are moving a lot, it means that the base curve is wrong, it is too loose and you need to take off these lenses immediately.

If the base curve is too tight, oxygen might be blocked by the lenses and your eyes will be irritated, your vision blur.

Most of the lenses have a base curve of 8.6mm and fit well on most of human eyes.

Plano Circle Lens


Plano contact lenses are cosmetic non corrective contact lenses that can be purchased without prescription. Most people wear plano contact lenses for the purpose of changing their eye color. We sell only plano contact lenses on, for specific order please contact our shop for more information.

Circle Lens Diameter 


This is the size of the lens. The bigger the diameter is, the more obvious the big eye effect you will get. The limbal ring on the lenses will offer more enlargement effect compared to lenses with the same diameter but without ring.

We recommend you to start with small diameter 14.0mm or 14.2mm if you are a beginner and never tried circle lenses.

Circle Lens Water Content


This refers to the ratio of water in the lens. Contact lens with high water content will be more flexible and might lose its shape easily when handled.

If water content of a lens is too high you might feel discomfort but too low water content will also result in dryness for your eyes because oxygen won’t pass through the water.

Most lenses with huge diameter have higher water content than small diameters lenses. You need to decide what type of lenses you want, natural looking lenses or enlargement effect like a doll eye.

It is not harmful to wear lenses with less water content than the maximum possible and most of companies are making contact lens with 38% water content.

If you have sensitive eyes, you need to be more careful when wearing lenses and choose contact lenses with 42% or more water content for a more comfortable experience.

One Tone or Single Tone Circle Lens


Glossary of Korean Circle Lenses for Beginners


Single tone contact lenses are available in only one color and have no limbal ring. Most of single Tone contact lenses are made for a very natural result. We have a wide variety of 1-tone lenses of any colors as brown, black, blue and others available on our shop.

Two Tones Circle Lens

Glossary of Korean Circle Lenses for Beginners

These two tones lenses are very similar to the single tone. These two tones always have a limbal ring or a darkest tone color, often mixed with 2 tones color. This style comes in different patterns and fabulous colors.

Three Tones Circle Lenses

Glossary of Korean Circle Lenses for Beginners


Three tones lenses are like two tones contact lenses but you will see the addition of a third color on the lenses. Mostly the added color is brown or have a yellowish tint surrounding the pupil at the middle of the lens. The third color offers a better chance to blend with your natural color for the most natural look on your eyes. Dueba Puffy lenses are some of the most best seller contacts on our shop.

Four Tones Circle Lens

Glossary of Korean Circle Lenses for Beginners

4-Tone contact lenses offer better blending abilities to reach a real natural looking color but some four tone lenses offer a strong fusion of colors with a limbal ring that creates a great effect and shows a wonderful color on your eyes. Many cosplayers choose these 4 tone lenses to match their costumes.

Please contact for more information about how to choose your first lenses and how to take a proper care of your eyes accessories.