Google Novartis Diabetes Contact Lens

Google Novartis Diabetes Contact Lens


Smart contact lenses for diabetic people do not exist yet but the giant Google is always looking for innovation and pushing the limits of science. After the connected electronic bracelet which can calculate your blood pressure, heart rate and analyze your sleep, Google has announced recently his plan to release on the market, revolutionary smart contact lenses able to help people suffering of diabetes by telling them in real time they blood sugar level.


The concept is pretty simple, the lenses will calculate with precision the rate of glucose in tears. This is a huge advance for the 290 million people affected by diabetes, the estimation is 450 million people in 2030 according to World Health Organization (W.H.O.).


This disease makes the pancreas incapable to regulate blood sugar level in the body and secrete insulin when a person suffers of hyperglycemia, it can be very harmful for the organs and cause seizures and coma. This disease makes diabetic people life very complicated because they have to check a couple of time per day their blood sugar level, they have to test a drop of their blood. To test they have to put a drop of blood on a test strip and put the strip in a blood glucose meter, if the blood sugar level is too high, an insulin injection is needed right away.






The new smart Google’s contact lenses will make much more simple the life of millions diabetics and will limit risks of a long hyperglycemia. These lenses are made of two layers of hydrogel material with a very thin ship and sensors between. The sensors can analyze in real time all day long the sugar level contained in tears. If the contact lenses detect that you are over the limit of your blood sugar level then a little light will warn the contact lenses wearer immediately, it is also possible to be alerted via a smartphone application. Of course Google contact lenses are made to be as comfortable as any contact lenses or circle lenses, nothing will change your field of vision.

Google’s contact lenses are already in testing phase and Google is waiting the authorization of the holly American “Food and Drug Administration” (FDA) to put them on the market.


Let’s hope that after their release on the market, these electronic contact lenses will exist as color and circle lenses too, but most of all let’s wish that they won’t cost more than standard color lenses sold $19.90 on our store.