Gray Contact Lenses and White Contact Lenses are Favorite

Gray Contact Lenses and White Contact Lenses are Favorite Lenses of most People


When talking about contact lenses everybody think about corrective contact lenses with the purpose to replace glasses, but today things have changed, there is an inevitable trend which is a way of life, especially for those who care about their appearance and want to be stylish thanks to color circle lenses.


Gray color lenses are among the favorites colors for contact lenses wearer who want to change their eye color even if they have black or brown eyes.


Among circle lenses some designs can reflect as a mirror or give to your look intensity and depth. These color lenses can make you look smarter and aware but at the same time you can still have a natural look, especially if you wear gray tones as gray-blue, silver, gainsboro, spanish gray or gunmetal grayfor example. All these gray tints are included in different patterns that will help you to look really special and cute.


On our lens catalog at, you’ll find a large huge stock of color lenses with different shades of gray sometimes blended with other colors as brown, black, yellow or pink.


Another color that people like a lot is white. White color lenses have a really different use because they look absolutly not natural. They will be useful for those who want to get or already have the Emo look of Marylin Manson or Black Metal celebrities as Dani Filth. White contact lenses can as well be useful if you plan to go to a costume party and want to play characters as Tornade (X-men), a creature, a monster, a zombie, or even the death. A series of circle lenses called “Crazy lenses” use white color as background to let appear in front of the lens a black pattern as spirals, double pupils, dots, cross, star, cat pupil, spider web…


Of course you have to be careful and take care your eyes when wearing these contact lenses that you plan to buy, just as with any conctat lenses.

If you make your shopping on you won’t have to worry about the circle lenses quality because we provide the best quality genuine contact lenses and our customer service can reply within few hours if you have any question.

The other good reason to shop on our webstore is that we sell only trusted brands as Geo Medical, Vassen and Dueba. Our circle lenses are made in Korea which is the leader country in contact lenses business, our brands meet international standards as ISO, FDA and CE.


Don’t take the risk to buy an unknown brand online, better check reviews of consumers first, do this with any store that you choose. The right thing to do is to go to forums specialized in color lenses and get the maximum details that you can find.


If you don’t know which color fits your needs , we recommend you to start with a gray pair of color lenses, we are sure that you will enjoy your new color soon.