CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Green Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe

Green Contact Lens Review Vassen Blythe

Vassen Blythe I.Fairy Ruby Green Colour Lenses from
Hey hey. My review is finally complete. So here it goes…

Thanks to Solution-Lens, I was given a free pair of contact lens of my choice. I decided to go for a green colour tone since I was already planning to buy a pair of both brown and grey soon. I wanted a pretty dark green colour. That’s when I came across the Vassen Blythe I.Fairy Ruby Green. The design is rather similar to the blue one that I have since they belong to the same I.Fairy series.  Listed below are the specifications.

Vassen Blythe I.Fairy Ruby Green Colour Lenses
Diameter 15.0 mm
Water content 55%
Base curve 8.6
1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
FDA and EU approved contact lenses
Plano lenses w/o correction (0,0)
I received my order super fast like about 1 week later which was shipped in from Thailand.
This was what I received.

And once again, I was quite happy to find the standard free gift that comes along with every contact lens from them.  A lens case,  their signature mouse pen and a really adorable pair of studs. It’s really nice of them to include such gifts all the time.

So anyway, I’m somehow used to wearing contacts now that its takes a really short amount of time to slip on my contacts and this was how they turned out. (Sorry for my poor face condition and messy hair)

The colour differs in different lightings.
Colour: ????
I have to say, I was feeling quite so-so with regards to the colour.  I really hoped that the colour would be more green on my eyes. Unfortunately, a darker tone on my dark eyes meant that the colour didn’t really show as much as I’d liked it to. I had taken a liking to the teal colour that showed instead of the green though. But as you can see, it sometimes seems black as well. The colour reminded me of Naruto’s Temari whose eyes are just a pretty mix of colours. Sometimes it seems teal, sometimes green and other times, its just black. Refer to the picture above and see how the colour differs in diffrent lightings. From left to right, the first being with flash, second with regular lighting, the third being room lighting and lastly, night lighting with flash. On the bright side, the tone really looks natural, giving off a nice shade of greenish black which is why I’ll probably use this one for school more often. It’ll probably be perfect if you’re thinking of cosplaying Temari too. ^^

Temari’s unique eye colour

Comfort: ?????
I’m not sure if this applies to everyone but I usually need a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the feel of the contacts. Its usually pretty comfortable after that though. Personally, I think this is good practice but you can wear them straight out after a day of soaking in solution if you want to I guess. Anyway, what I do is firstly, after soaking in solution for at least 8 hours (I usually leave it for a day), I would try them on and wear it at home for about an hour or so. Then after a few days, I will wear them out for about 3-4 hours. And finally, if nothing goes wrong and its all comfortable, I’ll wear it out for a max of 8 hours. If my eyes don’t feel dry and uncomfortable during those trial run periods, then it’s all good and safe to wear. Since, my eyes didn’t feel dry due to the high water content, these contacts definitely passed the test.

Enlargement: ?????
My eyes aren’t exactly small so again the enlargement may not be so obvious but it will definitely be more noticeable for others. The black ring of the lenses really enhances the pupils giving the impression of big and doll-like eyes which is especially perfect for cosplaying. It really has that sparkle which I find brightens up my eyes. The picture above shows one eye with the contact lens and the other without. Of course a little eye makeup helps too.

These lenses are really great for cosplaying characters like Temari though. I will definitely recommend fellow cosplayers out there to give these a try cause the colour does show in flash  and brighter environment. Other than that, I feel that there are other green coloured lenses which are better suited for wearing out often. You can search by colour or brand at Solution-Lens. So do check out their catalogues. However, do take note that the lenses are mainly plano lenses without correction (0,0).

Solution-lens also has an ongoing promotion whereby you can get free lenses with every 2 or more pairs you buy. Don’t forget to join their permanent giveaway as well!  

Oh and once again, special thanks to the admin of Solution-Lens for the free contact lenses! I’m now currenlty shopping for a new pair of contacts for my cosplay at the upcoming Anime Fest Asia 2013. I havent even figured out what I want to cosplay yet. But I’m down to either Echo from Pandora Hearts and the female version of Trafalgar Law.

Left: Echo, Right: Law

So, I’ll probably talk about that soon. In the meantime do check out Solution-Lens for awesome stuff!