Grey Contact Lens Review Vassen Gummi 2 Tone Grey

Grey Contact Lens Review Vassen Gummi 2 Tone Grey

[] Vassen Gummi Series 2 Tone Gray Circle Contact Lenses on light eyes
 Yesterday, I told you about my new favorite Circle Lenses Onlineshop (review) and today I will show you 1 from my 2 new Circle Lens pairs.

To begin the facts

Name: Vassen Gummi Series 2 Tone Gray Circle
Another Name: I fairy Gummi and Vassen Kitty Kawaii Gummi Gray
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Water content: 55%
Base curve: 8.6
Disposable : 1 year (recommended use for 4-6 months)
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Front with flash light

Backside with flash light

? After my good experience with EOS (review) and Dueba (review) and the badly with Geo (review), I sampled this time Vassen and yes what can I say? It was the same as with EOS and Dueba. It’s felt fresh, it’s didn’t hurt and my eyes are not tears. I wore my Vassen Gummi Series 2 Tone in the last time every day more as 6 hours and I have never problems with dry eyes or tears. For me personality is that a big Point for this brand.
The Vassen Gummi Series 2 Tone have a diameter from 15mm and a lot of black color, never before I wore so a big size lens, normality only 14,5mm and so it was in the first moment a wow effect as I saw in my face. However this pair is more for a dramatic or Gyaru/Ulzzang Make up, but never for a casual. The best option that you wear your Vassen Gummi Series 2 Tone with bottom and upper lashes. In the follower pictures you can see the different:

Low Make up and without Circle Lenses

No Make up and Vassen Gummi Series 2 Tone

Full Make up, Vassen Gummi Series 2 Tone, upper and bottom fake eyelashes

 Do you see I have green-grey nature eye color and I ordered the Vassen Gummi Series in grey, but it doesn’t. You can see of the bellow picture that send me the right color, it’s not her fault, but in my eyes it looks more green as grey. For me is that a big minus point. I have no idea if it’s in dark nature eyes grey or not.

To the design, it’s a different to the Circle Lenses what I wear normal, but I love it.

In result of all this, I give the Vassen Gummi 2 Tone Series Gray 9 from 10 Stars.

Promotion picture

Fitting picture