Halloween Animated Scary T-shirt

Halloween Animated Scary T-shirt


It is Halloween and you are running out of ideas. You are bored to have classic costume like zombie, vampire, monster… Why this year don’t you do something that will cost around $25 and will surprise your friends or family?


An American engineer bored to have to rent costumes for Halloween, has created an awesome product that will impress and stick in people minds. Actually the idea is pretty simple and very scary. All you need is a T-shirt from Morphsuits shop and an I-phone or and Android device. Their T-shirts are very nice printed with scary faces like zombies, monsters, cyborgs and other surprises.


The concept of this cool product is awesome and totally new. Actually the faces printed on the T-shirt have a hole where the eyes are printed and on the back of the T-shirt there is a pocket where you can slide in almost any kind of phone (Android or I-phone). Some T-shirts are even printed and designed to receive a tablet and there is a free application available for Android or I-phone device in which you can find videos with for example : moving eyes, beating heart, moving maggots, glowing lights…


Once you’ve got the app installed in your device all you have to do is to turn it on and slide it into the pocket of your T-shirt. Wear the shirt and the printed face character will turn to life. Wear this scary animated Teeshirt during a party and you we can guaranty that you will catch people attention.




As you can see on the photos on this page, this invention is cool, but I wonder why nobody thought to do something like that before. Now you have no excuses not to be cool for Halloween. Check the following video until the end to get more ideas and see different ways to use the device with the app. It is possible to do scary pranks too, so do not miss it for Halloween this year.

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