Halloween Costume And Makeup With Glowing Fluorescent Paint

Halloween Costume And Makeup With Glowing Fluorescent Paint


Here is a good idea that will make you stick in people mind during your Halloween party. We are talking about body painting which is a form of art, but for Halloween the best is to get fluorescent paint and express yourself on your body or someone else body. This fluorescent paint can glow in the dark and this effect is amplified with a black light which can often be found at parties or clubs. This special paint is non-toxic and easy to clean with soap and water.

You can decide to paint only your face to match a costume, for example: zombie costume, vampire costume, monster costume, ghost costume, alien costume, witch costume, skeleton costume, etc… You can experiment your ideas to make your character scarier with the fluorescent paint. You can even paint your whole body, but during October night it might be cold, so prefer to wear a fit overall or wet suit and paint it. Think about the way you are going to paint your body or your wet suit and play with shadows and bumps with dark and light colors. A classic is the skeleton bones. You can apply your paint different ways, with a sponge, your finger, or brush.

If you are really bad at drawing then you can use stencil, you can buy your stencil in many shops or create your own. To create your own stencil find vector images that you like and print them, then trim the unwanted parts, lean the stencil against your body or wet-suit and apply the fluorescent paint in the holes, this technique is very easy and possibilities are endless.



Maybe you prefer to be simple and only want to add few marks of fluorescent paint on your face to look scarier for your Halloween party under the black lights.

To remove your fluorescent paint  very easily you should apply moisturizing cream on your face before applying paint. Wait 20 minutes after applying the moisturizing cream, then you can start painting. If you can’t wait you can use a fan or hair dryer.

Body and face fluorescent paint is available on a large amount of colors: green, red, yellow, pink, blue, orange and violet is proposed in vials or tubes.

You can complete your fluorescent character panel with fluorescent accessories, like wig, earring, bracelet, headband but also with makeup like mascara, lipstick, nail polish. The best fluorescent accessory is a pair of Korean circle lenses able to glow in the dark, you can choose between blue, pink, yellow and green colors.



Now you have all the keys to look exceptional for this Halloween, check our “Cosplay Animation” product range to get awesome circle lenses special Halloween.