Halloween Costume Ideas and Cosplay Circle Lens

Halloween Costume Ideas And Cosplay Circle Lens


This is it ! Halloween is coming and you have decided to wear the best costume ever? Here are some costume ideas that are perfect to complete with cosplay circle lenses to create a better special effect and get a fine character as close as the original one.

Halloween witch costume

To be unique and stick in people minds for Halloween, why don’t you choose to wear a witch costume ?



It is a classic with which you will always be successful, especially if you take some time to make it and if you have a good budget. To get a nice witch character costume you must makeup your face and neck in green and apply black eye shadow around your eyes including eyelids.

The most convenient, especially if you makeup a child, is to use makeup pens, or a brush and poster color. About the cosplay circle lenses we recommend the green Geo CP-F4 or the black and green Geo SF-80.

Halloween Zombie Costume

Among the long fantastic character list there is of course the walking dead, often called living dead or zombie.



The advantage being a zombie is that you can wear any kind of clothes, even uniforms like astronaut, fireman, policeman… But think that you will have to dirt these clothes and cover them with blood stains.

For more credibility your clothes have to be torn too, or if you have a low budget you might use second hand clothes or your old clothes that you don’t care anymore.

About the makeup, just give to your face a pale complexion with white powder foundation, then you will generously add blood on your face and clothes.

If you can, try to create fake scars with a pen. You can click on the following link to learn how to easily make fake blood on our blog: MAKE FAKE BLOOD 

Most of the time our customers choose to wear black red or white contact lenses to complete their Halloween costume as for example the red Geo SF-11 but also the black Geo CP-F7 or white Geo CP-F1.


Halloween Vampire Costume

Another character that can’t be skipped for Halloween is of course the vampire.




To costume like a vampire, you can wear modern clothes like the vampires in Twighlight movies. You can also choose an emo classy style like in the Coppola’s movie, Dracula, victorian style XIX century with three-piece suit, vest, jacket and black pants with a matching hat. Of course you also can’t miss the fake vampire teeth.

The best contact lenses for this character are the Geo CP-S6, CP-S7 or SF-20.


Halloween Avengers Costume

One of the Avengers could be a good solution too.


The incredible Hulk , is a green monster that can’t be controlled by anyone and has a supernatural strength. Before being a monster Hulk is a scientist (Bruce Banner).

Bruce was irradiated by gamma rays during an experimentation and now when our scientist gets angry or stressed he turns into the green monster.

To really look like hulk you’ll need a good dose of green body paint, a torn short and an old T-shirt if your chest doesn’t look fit like Hulk’s.

Fro your eyes, you are lucky because we have what you need in our stock, the best Korean circle lenses especially made for Hulk cosplay which are Green Geo SF-10 and CP-F4.


As you can see it is easy to make a nice costume for Halloween, but we still recommend that you order the contact lenses that you need right now on Solution-Lens.com and don’t wait the last minute.


Follow our tips and you’ll be pretty awesome for this Halloween, enjoy !