Halloween Costume The Hatter From Alice in Wonderland

Halloween Costume The Hatter From Alice in Wonderland

The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland sticks in people minds for his crazyness but also for his crazy and eccentric look.

Enjoy this character popularity by creating a beautiful costume and makeup that everyone will judge awesome during Halloween. This character is also simply called “The Hatter” and he’s played by Tim Burton’s favorite actor who is Johnny Depp. A new movie called Alice Through The Looking Grass should be released in 2016, Johnny Depp will keep his role to play The Mad Hatter. The advantage with this costume is that it can be worn by a woman or a man, because there is no way to make the difference once you will be wearing your makeup and costume.


Wonderland Hatter costume


Before starting the makeup part you have to find some costume ideas.

For example you could wear a red wig or dye your hair if it is not red but long enough. Use fake long eyebrows to match the wig color. About the clothes, the hard thing is to get a real top hat because it can cost some money.

The best choice is the DIY top hat, be creative and use paperboard to make yours, look at The Hatter photo to help yourself, it is pretty simple. Re-use an old dark brown coat or buy a second hand one and add white or pink laces at the extremities of the sleeves, you can use tulle if you don’t have laces.

Try to get a crazy shirt with messy patterns and a black and white doted huge bow tie or even a scarf. Trim large red or black pants at the middle calf, then wear colored mismatching socks and black ankle-boots. 


The Hatter eyes


If you realy want that people understand who is your character, you can’t escape the fact that you need to wear a pair of circle lenses to change your eyes color.

We recommend 3 different circle lenses designs for The Hatter: the green apple VASSEN LADY BUBBLE, the VASSEN MARGARITA or the GEO SF-10.

These Korean circle lenses meet International (ISO), European (CE) and American (FDA) standards to give our customers the best guaranty of safety.


The Hatter makeup


For the makeup, you need to start whitening your face and neck with white foundation. Then, apply a fushia eye shadow on your upper eyelid until your eyebrow, you will cover your lower eyelid too and don’t be afraid to do it until the external eye corner. Take a look at the picture on this page to copy The Hatter makeup.

Still with the same eye powder, apply it to create shadows areas on your cheeks and give relief to your Mad Hatter face. Use a white mascara for your eyelashes. To get the gap between the front teeth, the easiest way is to use black nail polish.

Finish with a fushia lipstick and your Mad Hatter costume is now ready.

You are now ready for the best Halloween parties in town, hope you’ll enjoy !

Happy Halloween to everyone!!