Halloween Costume Tips

Halloween Costume Tips


Halloween Costume Tips


It is easy to understand why everyone loves Halloween season. Halloween holiday season is a good time for children to have fun and party to enjoy trick or treat candies and for you to show your creativity in a variety of fun and exciting ways to impress your friends and family with your costume and makeup.

Halloween makeup is very important for your Halloween party beside your costume dress that you must carefuly choose, and actually Halloween makeup is also inexpensive and will allow you to be much more creative.

If you have your own favorite movies characters and want to bring those characters to your Halloween party, here we have some makeup ideas inspired from famous movies characters, a chance for you to be creative and unique during Halloween night!

It doesn’t take much effort or need to spend a lot of time to dress up for Halloween and we have some ideas that work great for all costume parties, for parents who wish to spice up their scary look and have fun with their children as well as anyone who is dressing up on a limited budget. All makeup ideas below work great when worn with costume dress or even casual wear.


Japanese Anime character look


Japannese Anime Character

Japanese anime characters are great ideas for Halloween and one of the best and most famous Japanese anime character is a teenager named Ichigo Kurosaki who wear hollow mask and who is the main character of Bleach animation program, and you can bring this hollow mask with you to your Halloween party .

Half hollow mask face painting is very easy to do. You will need white, black and red painting color and also your favorite crazy contact lenses to complete this hallow mask. We show you a picture of Ichigo’s hollow mask to help you to get the same result.

First, half of the face is colored with a white base to start, then get black pen eyeliner to accentuate bone teeth structure on your lips and hollow around the eyes to draw demon look. Use red color to shadow your temple and cheeks and to make red stripes just like the hollow mask, and don’t forget to finish this hollow mask look by wearing cool crazy contact lenses.

This half hollow mask idea is great for everyone who loves Japanese anime characters and wants to impress friends and family members during Halloween night for this edition.


Corpse Bride look


Corpse Bride Halloween Look

Here is a cool Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride makeup look just in time for this Halloween . This Corpse Bride makeup idea is a lovely Halloween costume for women, teens as well as for younger girls. This Corpse Bride is just the right combination of prettiness and creepiness for those who want to look beautiful but still enter into the spirit of a Halloween horrible.

You don’t need much painting for this look and you can only use regular cosmetic make up. Start by using a sponge to apply the pale blue paint on your face and use a darker blue color into eye socket area and on your eyelids.

The Corpse Bride has large eyes, so you need to use black paint to create the eyebrows higher than your own eyebrows and use white paint to create a pale area under your eyes to make your eyes look larger.

Now you need to add some false lashes underneath the pale area to reach a doll look. You can balance by adding false lashes to the upper eyes or you can paint some lashes above the eyes for a child.

Use darker blue paint all around the edge of your face and soft blend into the pale blue. Add bright pink color or nice lipstick on your lips and create wound details on your cheeks if you like.

Finally, you can achieve this look by holding a bouquet of dead flowers and wearing white crazy contact lenses. Now you are a pretty Corpse Bride who is ready for all Halloween costume parties.


Avatar Makeup Look


Avatar Halloween Makeup

Take a step into another world by creating your own Avatar look for this Halloween with tips from Solution-Lens.com.

This Halloween makeup is inspired by the Avatar movie and is going to be popular for Halloween this year, and no matter whether you are a boy or a girl, as everybody can enjoy being this beautiful and brave Neytiri or Na’ve warriors. Here is the Avatar Neytiri makeup process that can also be adapted for boys.

You need a pale blue and a darker blue, and also a pink color or some white for details of this Avatar face makeup.

Take your sponge and apply a thin layer of white color on your face to tone down your skin and then use two shades of blue paint to contour your face. A light blue and a dark blue can create your desired shade of blue to look like Neytiri’s as much as you want.

Apply the dark blue shade around the hairline, inner corner of the eyes, underneath the cheekbones and your jaw line. You need to create the illusion of a higher brow bone by using blue paint to cover your eyebrows.

The lighter blue is great to highlight the center of the forehead, nose, outer corners of the eyes, chin and temples. You should use a makeup sponge to blend well on your face.

Finally, use brush to mimic an Avatar character’s forehead stripes by painting the dark blue lines first and outline each stripe with light blue paint for the best highlighting effect, then draw a dark blue stripe down the center of forehead toward the bridge of your nose to create a branching effect at the hairline.

One last thing, you need light brown contact lenses if you want this Avatar Makeup to really be perfect.

With our ideas, tips and great contact lenses from Solution Lens, you will have fun and experiment a happy Halloween!

There are fantasy colored contact lenses available on our shop that you can choose and that will be fun for this Halloween. Wearing cool or scary contact lenses will not only help you to look different but also give you a feeling of happiness and perfect disguise.

Halloween is a chance to try some of the coolest colored contact lenses available online now, so if you have other ideas to make up or dress as one of your favorite character please share them with other readers by adding a comment to this page.