Halloween Joker Makeup Tutorial Batman Saga

Halloween Joker Makeup Tutorial Batman Saga


Have you chosen the Joker character from Batman comic books and movies for Halloween? If you compare movies and comic books, you can notice that Joker doesn’t look always the same, his makeup and costume change sometimes. Cite Tim Burton’s Joker played by jack Nicholson in 1989 and in 2008 the “The Dark Knight” from the director Christopher Nolan played by Heath Ledger whi is a darker character with the particularity to have big scars starting at the end of his lips.

We are going to explain you how to copy the Joker makeup from “The Dark Knight”, because this Joker is the most scary ever created. It sticks in people minds because the Joker was in this movie Heath ledger who died of an overdose of prescription medications in 2008, before the movie was released.


A little recommendation if you want to make your Halloween character more scary, and freak out people of the party where you are going or your neighborhood.

For example you can turn your Joker into a zombie or vampire with white eyes and flesh pieces hanging on your skin. For the white eyes effect you should use high quality circle lenses as proposed on Solution-Lens.com. The best Circle lenses design to look like a zombie Joker is Geo CP-F1 but if you prefer bloodshot eyes select the Geo SF-11 or the basic red color lenses Geo CP-F3. We also have the vampire color lenses of “Twilight” Geo SF-11. Have a look yourself at our product range named “Crazy lenses” and find the circle lenses of your dreams.

How to make the Joker makeup from Batman movie , ”The Dark Knight” ? 

It is actually much more simple than it seems. You must know that you can find for Halloween, full face painting sets special “Joker”, including a false scar and dye for your hair (some sets include a green wig instead).



If you can’t find this set or you prefer to do it yourself, it’s simple. Use a white makeup foundation and be generous while spreading it on your face. To get the crazy look take a dark eye shadow and put it on your eyes contour including arch of the eyebrows. Fade the eyeshadow with the white foundation with your fingers cotton pads or a big brush to make it look messy like the character photo. If you want to stick to the real character then you have to create scars with latex to look like the Joker, but the effect will be nice too if you just use a red lipstick and spread it around your lips to fake the scars. If you choose the second option you can finish making two lines with the eye pencil at both corners of your mouth. Once your green hair color is done the transformation is complete. Good to know also that it is easy to find hair spray able to apply a temporary color.


Now you are one of the most famous villain in history, happy Halloween !