Halloween Lion Makeup and Costume Tips

Halloween Lion Makeup and Costume Tips


You love animals and this year you have decided to dress like one of them for this Halloween. If you still hesitate and don’t know which one to choose, then what do you think about the king of the animals, the lion ?

A lion costume and makeup will make you look different than other Halloween scary monsters costumes. You can make your lion costume yourself if you are good at sewing but for other people like me it is hopeless and will be a waste of time.

So there are two options left, the first one is to rent a lion costume which is quite expensive especially during Halloween time, as the price can reach $200 or more. The second option is to bet on the the lion makeup and wear a nice classy dress or suit, it will create a nice contrast that will stick in people minds. You can save money and use a suit or a party dress that is dying in your wardrobe because you never had a chance to use it.


To get the best lion makeup you have to get a pair of soft crcle lenses from our product range called “Crazy”. These lenses are designed for Halloween and cosplay. We have in our catalog different kind of big cat eyes designs with different colors. We propose for example the cat design with an oval black pupil and colored iris that can be white GEO SF-W05, green GEO SF-G05 or yellow GEO SF-Y05. The red GEO SF-R05 will make you look like an angry lion.


The simplest way to make a lion makeup is to buy a full kit including pencils or a set of face paint colors. Start applying a moisturizing cream on your face to prepare and protect your skin from face paint. Start to apply the orange color on your whole face, your neck and your ears. Now with a light brown or dark orange color and a makeup sponge darken your nose and the area close to the nose on the forehead to create relief. Now try to gently blend the two color with your sponge to make it look more natural, you can help yourself by having a closer look at the picture on top.

Put some white around your mouth and make two circles on the arches of the eyebrows. Apply a dark brown on the extremity of your nose to create the lion nose. You can now use a black makeup pencil or eyliner to draw the details, like mustache and dots, then some hair on your chin. You can even draw two fangs on the corners of your mouth and make the mouth wider, don’t forget to darken your lips too.

Make your eyes bigger by drawing them a contour, draw as well the vertical line between the mouth and nose.



You are now ready to roar all night for Halloween and have fun. Happy Halloween !