Halloween Marge Simpson Makeup and Costume

Halloween Marge Simpson Makeup and Costume

Marge Simpson Halloween Makeup 

Halloween is a good time to stand out and make something different than the usual hideous monsters and other creatures, use your sense of humor and create Marge Simpson makeup and costume.

This character comes from the american animated series “The Simpsons”, a series that is already 25+ years old and that its broadcasted in many countries. Her full name is Marjory but only her nickname Marge is used in the series, her maiden name is Bouvier because her dad is French. This Housewife lives in Springfield, she’s married to Omer Simpson who work at Springfield’s nuclear power plant. She has three kids: Bart, Lisa and Maggie, and it’s difficult for her to have authority on them. The Simsons family owns two pets, a cat named snowball 2 and a dog called Santa’s Little Helper.


Create Marge Simpson’s Hairstyle


The most difficult to make Marge Simpson’s costume is of course to create her hairstyle, the hair is 1.6 Feet (50cm) tall. To make a similar wig you have few possibilities. You can pile up 4 or 5 cheap blue wigs and hold them together with few stitches. The other and cheapest way is to roll up a paperboard and create a tube that fits your head circumference. Close the top with the same paperboard. now you can stick cotton wool on the tube and paint them in blue with a paint spray. You can even mix these two methods using trimmed synthetic wig hair locks and stick them on the tube. With this technique you will need only 2 wigs or less.


Marge Simpson Costume Accessories

Difficult to be easier. All you’ll need will be a big plastic red pearl necklace and green skin-tight long dress thats top at your armpit, your shoulders, arms and neck will be appearing. The last accessory is a pair of red small heel shoes.

If you want to fit perfectly to Marge Simpson character, then you should wear a pair of cosplay soft lenses of hazel color. This color is available with numerous different designs on Solution-Lens.com. All these cosplay soft contact lenses are high quality and genuine products. We recommend you the Geo GRANG GRANG and the DUEBA A11. These contact lenses are a must have to get a perfect emotional charming look and can be used for Halloween or daily life too.



Turn into Marge Simpson

Now you are going to need a good dose of yellow body paint to imitate Marge Simson skin. Actually you will have to paint all the visible parts of your body that are not hidden by the dress and the shoes. So, all your face (except the areas around the eyes), the neck, a part of the back and the chest, calf, leg and foot top. When you get a perfect plain yellow color on these areas then it’s time to paint the areas around your eyes that we let free in white like the photo on this page.

Useful tip, prefer body paint than makeup because if you plan to dance with an handsome guy during a Halloween party you risk to dirt his clothes.


Now that you look exactly like Marge Simpson for Halloween, you just have to find your Omer Simpson and have beautiful yellow children.

Solution-Lens.com team wishes you a happy Halloween!