Halloween Minion Costume Tutorial

Halloween Minion Costume Tutorial

Halloween Minion Makeup and Costume

For this Halloween, we suggest you to make something offbeat and trendy, why don’t you create your own Minion costume. These 3d animated characters come from the animated movie ”Despicable Me” 1 and 2. Recently Universal Pictures released a spinoff animated movie called “Minions”, it made these little creatures super stars.


The good point with these characters compared to other Halloween character costumes is that they are really cheap and simple to make. You’ll easily find at home all the accessories that you need, no need to be a great handywoman or handyman. Don’t need either to have sewing skills don’t worry!


Choose between these options



The first option is to get a yellow beanie and use some black pipe cleaner to create the hair, take a look at the photo above.

If the beanie stitch is too tight you’ll have to make some little holes to slide in your black pipe cleaner. Cut two slices in a toilet paper tube and staple them together, then attach on both extremity a black elastic and your ”Minion” glasses are ready.

About the costume clothes, a long sleeves yellow T-shirt or a yellow sweatshirt and a blue overall will be perfect. Black shoes and black gloves will be important part of this costume.

Create a little but important detail with black lightweight felt in which you’ll trim the Minion logo and find a way to put it on the chest pocket. This logo is a G for Gru who is Minions’ master in Despicable me Movies. You can also just paint directly on your overall chest pocket.


The second option about this ”Minion” costume, is to use a hooded sweat suit top or a yellow hooded sweatshirt. Then you have to find a way to create the Minion hair with the pipe cleaner as we explained earlier. You’ll still need to get a blue overall.

For the final touch of this costume, the ideal wil be to get old fashion motorcycle glasses with a chrome frame.


To complete your character costume you have to make up, but don’t worry all you have to do is to color your face and your neck with yellow face paint.



Solution-Lens.com team wishes you a Happy Halloween!