Halloween Natalie Portman Blackswan Makeup and Costume

Halloween Natalie Portman Blackswan Makeup and Costume


Once again a new Halloween transformation idea, this time we are taking our inspiration from a Hollywood movie. This movie is Black Swan and the main character is played by Nathalie Portman.

In a movie scene Nathalie Portman wear a gorgeous makeup matching her ballerina costume that reminds a swan, it is quite impressive and will suit many women. This character’s costume is ideal for Halloween, a birthday party or any other celebration. Everyone who has seen the beautiful ballet named “Swan Lake” originally created by Tchaikovsky in 1875, will remember it all his life.

When we watch this movie and see the actress playing, it is very difficult to forget this character too. We are like haunted by this Nina. She’s a young talented classical dancer, who could give her life to get the role of Black Swan in Swan Lake ballet. But Nina is confronted to a lot of pressure and has difficulties to learn and danse like the “Black Swan” should do. She is going to turn crazy, with paranoia and neurosis.


Black Swan Costume

To dress like the Black Swan and make your own classical dancer suit, it is quite easy. Once you put your hair in a bun, you will put on your head a black diadem. Of course use a fake plastic diadem that you can find in any supermarket in the toy area, but you have to know that a black one won’t be easy to find, so better buy a normal one and paint it in black.


For the top you will need a black bodysuit on which you can pin some black feather. For the bottom a black tutu and ballet dancer’s black shoes, you could eventually wear black matching gloves.

Essential Eye Accessory

Once that your costume is ready it is time to start the makeup job. You have to get a nice red circle lenses pair, these contacts are ideal to cosplay and because they are opaque they cover any eye color. Don’t worry, you won’t have to find out where to get these contact lenses because on Solution-Lens.com we can supply you all of them. Just check our “Crazy Lens” catalogue page on our store. You can choose between GEO CR-04, GEO CP-S7 or GEO SF-20 which are the best lenses for this costume.


Black Swan Makeup Time

For your makeup, you’ll need an eye-liner, maroon lipstick, black mascara or false eyelashes, white foundation cream, one black makeup pencil and a silver one. You can start moisturizing your skin to protect it against the makeup. Then apply the white foundation cream all over your face with a little makeup sponge, try to make a plain layer color and don’t forget to apply foundation on the neck too.

Then you can draw a black swan mask around your eyes with a black makeup pencil, as you can see on the photo that we posted here. Keep some mask areas empty to allow you to draw lines with the silver pencil. Don’t forget to apply the eyeliner on your eyes contours. As you can see the Black Swan mask is actually a pair of wings that start from the nose sides until up temples.

For the finishing you can add a thick eyeliner or choose to wear beautiful false eyelashes with little black feathers.

Apply the maroon lipstick and you are now ready to look gorgeous for this Halloween.

When you are outside wearing your costume be careful that a werewolf or other bloodthirsty creature don’t eat a pretty swan like you !