Halloween Pumpkin Face Makeup Tutorial

Halloween Pumpkin Face Makeup Tutorial


You are looking for a cool halloween makeup tutorial? Well, this is the right place where to look.

Today we want to share with you the idea to create a pumpkin makeup. This vegetable is an Halloween essential and represents by itself the Halloween celebration. Actually, according to the old Irish legend, the soul of a man called Jack O-Lantern is doomed to ramble on earth because he was too stingy and alcoholic to access paradise. Mr Jack O-lantern cannot go to hell either because he made fun of the devil. During the 31st October night he’s wandering around houses with a lantern in his hand made from turnip in which a candle is burning.

With time and the massive immigration of Irish and Scottish to United States, customs evolved and adapted to available local products. Instead of using turnip they started to use pumpkin which was easier to carve and scarier once done. Today in Anglo-Saxon countries a pumpkin can be found at every home, people put a lighting pumpkin on the edge of the window at night during Halloween celebration.

The most popular theme to carve a nice Halloween pumpkin is a scary head.


Pumpkin Halloween Costume

With your pumpkin makeup, you have to find the ideal costume, in that case why don’t you disguise as a scarecrow or simply with orange clothes with on your head a real carved pumpkin ?

If you care about tiny details that make huge difference, we suggest that you try on an orange contact lenses pair. These circle lenses are opaque and so, able to fully cover any eye color without changing anything about the way you usually see things.

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Be safe and comfortable with your circle lenses on, but also be ready to dance all night long during your Halloween party !

Pumpkin Makeup Process

To make your Halloween pumpkin makeup you can use different techniques as body paint, multicolor greasepaint sticks or makeup pencils which are handy. This makeup will be easy because it needs only two colors, orange and black.

The target with an Halloween pumpkin makeup is to look scary, take a closer look at the pictures on this page to get a better idea. Start with the black areas. Create two big black ovale shapes around your eyes, darken the extremity of your nose and draw a scary mouth with sharp teeth which start from the left to your right cheek and fulfill it with black. Now you can color the left areas with the orange color. Once it’s done you can create some shadows with black in the orange color to look bumpy like a pumpkin.

This makeup is very easy to do and will suit anybody.

Don’t forget to add a crazy contact lens pair, this is the icing on cake which will define how scary you want to be.

For example you will look very scary if you choose to wear a white contact lenses pair like the Geo SF16, but you can prefer a warmer color that will be less scary like the red and yellow Geo SF75.


Now you are set up to freak out people around and really enjoy this Halloween, so, Happy Halloween to all of you !