Halloween Sexy Minnie Mouse Makeup and Costume

Halloween Sexy Minnie Mouse Makeup and Costume


Every little girls or women love Minnie Mouse character, she is Mickey’s girlfriend and everybody grew up knowing that Minnie is cute. She’s very feminine and always well dressed, she’s the glamor touch of the Walt Disney’s original cartoons. This is the ideal costume for Halloween If you want to be sexy and don’t look like an ugly zombie or monster.


There is no Minnie costume without mouse ears. Maybe you have already been to Disneyland or a Disney store and you have a pair of Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears at home. If you don’t and if you are even just a little bit DIY enthusiast then you can make your own.

To create your Mouse ears you’ll just need a hard plastic headband to glue two black circles on it. The difference with Mickey Mouse is that Minnie has a big white dotted and red (red and white polka) bow tie between her ears. If you wish to wear a full Minnie Mouse costume, then it is simple, all you need is a red and white polka dot print dress with puff sleeves.


The Minnie dress or the full matching costume is not necessary, better focus on the head and makeup. At first you have to know that you will look gorgeous if you wear a pair of circle lenses.

With a decorative contact lenses pair on your eyes your look will be more intense and sexier than usual, we recommend you the Vassen Super Crystal and Geo Rose SF-19.

If you really want to be special try on the Halloween Geo series circle lenses with pink butterfly, skulls or purple spirals…

Minnie Makeup Tips

Start applying white foundation all over your face and use pink blush on your cheeks. To be a real Minnie you need to get long eyelashes, if yours are long enough then mascara will be sufficient, otherwise you can use fake eyelashes which are inexpensive and easy to apply. Fake eyelashes do exist with many different designs and materials.

Now with an eyeliner draw your upper and lower lash lines. Use a flashy eye shadow like blue or gold on your eyelids. With the eyeliner or a black makeup pencil make your eyebrows larger and draw a black dot on the extremity of your nose, you can even draw mustaches if you wish.

Use a red and vibrant lipstick to add one more sexy touch.


I hope that all these little tips are usefull and will help you to create your Halloween costume.

Solution-Lens.com’s team wishes you a happy and the best Halloween ever !