Halloween Shop Late Order Fast Delivery Contact Lens

Halloween Shop Late Order Fast Delivery Contact Lens


It’s Halloween and you forgot that you needed a pair of crazy circle lenses or cosplay contact lenses for your night out ? Don’t worry ! Solution-Lens.com is here and anywhere you are located we provide a FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING.

This is our special limited time offer for Halloween. With this FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING you can receive at home within maximum 5 days your circle lenses.

Maybe you have spent time creating your Halloween costume and plan to be a vampire, a zombie, a monster, an extraterrestrial, a witch, or any other creature and you just found out that something is missing to your character. Actually what is missing comes from your character’s eyes.

For example you just realized that your zombie doesn’t look real or scary enough even with all the blood and costume. What is missing is a white pair of circle lenses like the Geo SF16 to make it really freaky and remove any sign of life in the eyes.

Something can happen if you decide to costume like an extraterrestrial, once you try on your costume and even with a makeup, you will probably agree that you cannot keep the same eyes. All you need is a pair of black circle lenses like the Vassen Margarita giving the “dolly eye” effect, which means that your eyes will look bigger. This tiny and affordable eye accessory will give the final touch to your costume and turn your character into life.

Maybe you didn’t plan to costume for Halloween at all and you changed your mind at the last minute, so this special FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY is perfect for you.

Instead of making a complicated costume you could for example make a nice tiger costume, lion costume or leopard costume makeup. Click on these links to see our tutorials blog pages, because on Solution-Lens.com we like to share with you many costume and makeup techniques for Halloween.

To create these lion, leopard or tiger makeup the most important part is to wear a pair of big cat contact lenses like the green Geo SFG05, white Geo SFW05 or yellow Geo SFY05. These circle lenses have special oval pupil that will make you look like a real big cat with the help of the animal makeup.

So, as we told you earlier there is no need to worry about anything, we are here to provide the best service and share with you the best offers that you can find online which is the FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING DELIVERY (within 5 days maximum).

Maybe you don’t know yet but you can add to this offer our other promotion like the “buy 2 pairs get 1 more FREE”, “buy 5 pairs get 2 more FREE” or “buy 10 pairs get 5 more FREE”. It is maybe a good occasion to tell your friends and make an order on Solution-Lens.com with them to take advantage of these offers.

All the circle lenses pairs for Halloween or cosmetic purpose available on our webstore Solution-Lens.com are made of high quality material and are genuine products from trusted Korean brands like GEO, VASSEN, DUEBA. What we care first is our customer’s safety, and this is what make us reliable for our customers and reviewers on the Internet.

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact Solution-Lens.com customer service to get a quick answer.

The team wishes you a happy Halloween.