Halloween Tiger Makeup Tutorial for FDA Approved Crazy Circle Lenses

Halloween Tiger Makeup Tutorial for FDA Approved Crazy Circle Lenses

This Tutorial talks about one of our favorite Halloween topic, once again we are going to explain you how to change a human face into an animal face.

This time we have chosen to make a tutorial to create a tiger makeup. We can assure you that you’ll get the best result. But what kind of tiger would you like to be for Halloween ? Tiger from Winnie Poo, the bad Shere Khan from “The Jungle Book”, Princess Jasmine’s tiger Rajah from Aladdin or the real tiger named Richard Parker from “Life of Pi” movie?


If you do not have sewing talents, it’s quite difficult to make a tiger costume, but if you are ready for this adventure it will be easy to find a tiger style striped fabric. Once you get this garment you will have to make an overall. Otherwise, the simplest solution is to rent a tiger costume in a costume rental shop but it can sometimes be expensive.

Halloween Circle Lenses Makeup


Instead of wearing a mask to have a tiger face which after few minutes is really uncomfortable, because it can be very hot and difficult to breath when you wear it, prefer a nice makeup as we are going to show you.


Before starting your makeup, think that your tiger will be awesome and look really alive if you can get the same eyes as the real beast. This is possible if you wear a pair of Halloween circle lenses, on Solution-Lens.com we propose different kind of big cats eyes, they can be red, yellow, green or white. The best circle lenses for this costume are the Geo GEO SFY05, GEO FW05, GEO SFG05 or the 2 tone GEO SF82.

Actually we have more designs that could be perfect too, like the Geo Starmish brown, Vassen Super Crystal, Vassen Edwina, Dueba Big Natural, Dueba Dragon or the beautiful Dueba Popular.

About the Korean Contact Lenses

Don’t worry about our contact lenses quality because we propose only genuine contact lenses. These cosmetic contact lenses are made of high quality material 100% safe and meet international standards like the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), international ISO or the European CE. To use circle lenses it is important to be aware about the basic rules of hygiene, like for example: always clean your hands with soap before using them and always keep your contact lenses in a special optical solution.


Halloween Tiger Makeup

To create your makeup, you have to start with a little wet sponge and orange face paint, apply this color on your temple and cheeks, use tapping technique for a better result. For the nose and areas around, use a golden yellow and watch the photo on this page to help you. With the white face paint and a tiny brush you can now apply it on the skin area between nose and upper lip, the upper eyelids and the bottom of your nose.

On the upper lip you might draw two little fangs. Finish with the black paint and make the tiger stripes and other details like painting the nose bottom and draw the upper lip, also make tiny dots in the white part close to the mouth to create mustaches.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial, Face Makeup Painting Tiger


Now you are ready to roar like a tiger in the jungle for this Halloween, we wish you a happy Halloween !