Handmade Halloween Costumes and Cosplay Costumes

Handmade Halloween Costumes and Cosplay Costumes

Make your own costumes because it is easy and cheap for Halloween

Rent a costume in a store or make a replica of an original character can be very expensive. If you decide to make a good replica it involves techniques and knowledges in sewing or sometimes mechanic and a lot of time. This is going to take a lot of energy if you plan to do that for Halloween for yourself or for your kids. If you decide to make a costume for your kids they will ask you to have a new one every year so you better have a plan to make your costume quickly if you can’t buy it.


To avoid these problems, we propose you simple and cheap alternative solutions to create a Halloween costume. These ideas are sometimes a bit crazy and eccentric but also well accomplished, they will give a funny touch to the costume you decide to copy instead of being 100% perfect and similar to the original. Cosplay is also made to have fun to share with your family and friends. You are supposed to find all the accessories that you need in your wardrobes, cupboards, in your garage, your kitchen or at your office. It really follows the trend to recycle old object or material to create a new one, it is also very good for the planet. Another good point is that you will be proud of yourself to have done something with your hands, and if you plan to make the costume with your kids it’s a good occasion to teach them the joys of DIY. The whole family will be proud to get a funny costume and help the planet at the same time by not buying more stuff.

All the costumes ideas that we are going to share with you are not made to impress for their details or because they are an exact replicas, with these costumes the goal is to have fun. No matter if the costume is not perfect, if you succeed to make it just a bit similar to the original, then you got it. With these costumes we also want that the other people who look at you, laugh and have fun. If you don’t have any sense of humor this kind of costume is not made for you, but if you’re ready for the experience you are going to learn how to use things that you have at home to make something crazy.


Make your Own Marvel Comics The Thing Costume

To start, this is a costume which is the less expensive and the easiest to make. It is “The Thing” superhero costume of the Marvel Comics “Fantastic 4”. The Thing is a character with a skin made of rock. This skin can be done with small orange post-it directly sticked on your body. As the photo shows us it works better if the nature has been generous with you in other words, if you are a bit fat or muscular. Try to stick post-it from different sizes and be sure to fully recover your head. Don’t forget to wear a blue short similar as “The Thing” on the poster.



Make your Own Xmen Cyclops costume

Still in Marvel Comics universe, turn into X-men mutant superhero,”Cyclops”. The visor worn by Cyclops heps him to control his powerful power which is a lethal beam of energy. To create this visor, you just need a white paperboard that you will trim to make it looks like the visor, then grab a red marker and draw a line in the center, to finish your face you have to add some black scotch tape on your cheeks. If you really want to have the complete costume, now you must find an old wetsuit or a coverall and a pair of black rubber boots.



Make your Own Captain America Costume

One of the last Marvel superhero on screen is “Captain America”, a real American patriot who was created by the army and has a costume inspired from the American national flag. For the helmet you can choose to use the papier-mache technique or just trimming a paperboard, If you are brave enough and want to make other people laugh out loud then you can use a speedo or a brief as our friend on the photo. Stick two wings on the sides and an A on the middle of your forehead. For the body, a coverall or a websuit would be perfect but if you don’t have any of those then try on blue T-shirt and pants. Wrap your stomach until the lower part of your pectorals with a white long paper sheet on which you paint red stripes. For the feet, a pair of red rubber booth would be fine but you can use red socks or red scotch tape to design them. The last part is the most important piece of our character because this is what represents Captain America, I am talking about the shield of course. To make it you can use everything as a wok or a garbage top and paint it with red, blue, and white don’t miss the white star in the middle. If you want to have fun you can choose our friend’s solution which is a fan. Weard idea but hilarious, the problem is that it’s not really convenient to go out with it.



Make your Own Aladdin Costume

Another cool idea of DIY costume is the genie from Walt Disney animation movie Aladdin. This animation movie is inspired by the famous tales “The 1001 Arabian Nights”. To create Genie (his name) costume you must be fully blue. As you can see Genie is half naked so if you want and if you have a blue poster or painting at home you can cover your body with it from waist to head, if you have no painting then use anything blue as a shirt or a T-shirt to cover your chest and blue scotch tape to cover your head, don’t forget holes to let you see and breathe. You can use rubber gloves to make your hands blue. To make the beautiful Genie’s bracelet use the cardboard ring that we find in big scotch tape or duct tape roll. Wrap your legs in a blue towel or bed sheet. The last step of this costume is the face and there are two solutions. You can choose the easy way and buy a cheap plastic mask at the supermarket or you can make it yourself with papier mache then paint it. Use blue scotch tape to color your face and a marker to draw the eyebrows and mustache, of course once again if you choose to use scotch tape think to let some holes to breathe and see.


Make your Own Hellraiser costume

Another character as well appropriate for Halloween comes from the horror movie ”Hellraiser”. Pale complexion with nails pined on skull mark out in squares, this character name is “Pinhead” and he lives in nightmares. To look like this ugly guy you just need to cover your face with painting scotch tape white or beige, the good thing with that scotch tape is that it is easy to remove from your skin. Now it’s time to add cotton swab instead of nails which could be harmful, find a way to make the cotton swab stand with your scotch tape. Your Hellraiser costume is now ready, seeing people laughing out loud is guaranty.




Make your Own Mario Bros Costume

Another kind of costume much more funny this time, the awesome superstar of video games Mr Mario the most famous plumber in the world, this character was created in the 80’s by Shigeru Miyamoto for Nintendo company. It is quite easy to make this costume if you have a blue overall and a red T-shirt. Use a cardboard trimmed as a mustache and painted in black, stick it on your face with double tape to look like Mario. If you have a red hat for the final touch it’s perfect otherwise you can use a red dustpan as our friend on the picture, write the “M” of Mario in the center. On the photo the amazing idea is to use the toilet to turn it into a famous green pipe belonging to the world of Mario. With this accessory your costume is 100% complete.




Make your Own CocaCola Bottle Costume

The last costume proposed here is the weirdest of all, you are going to hate or love it. Not really convenient to wear for a Halloween party our costume is a Coca-Cola bottle costume. To turn into a bottle of Coke, first you need to cover your body completely in black from head to toe. As our friend in the pictures you can use a red bowl up side down as hat, the bowl will be the cap of our bottle. The last part of this costume is the label of the bottle, you just need to wrap your chest with the long red paper . Of course you need to prepare this label before and reproduce the Coca-Cola or Coke font. Ask a friend to help you with the label steps.




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