CUSTOMERS REVIEW: Hazel Contact Lens Review Geo Color Nine AN-A46 Hazel Brown

Hazel Contact Lens Review Geo Color Nine AN-A46 Hazel Brown


Hello there everybody! ;u; Many of you have been asking “oh, where’s all of your review” and huehue, guess what, here’s one of them! xD lol The contacts came on Friday morning but just my luck, I had left to go to a family reunion and didn’t get the chance to pick it up until Tuesday. otl

Anyway, this review is sponsored by the lovely solution-lens. ;u; They were so kind as to give me the Geo Color Nine Hazel Lens. ;u; I had ordered them on June 15 and it “came” to my house on June 28 so ten business days! 8)

Alrighty, so my package came in like this –

lol there were really cute stickers taped to the package and they’re those bubble stickers and squeezing them is so much fun. ;u;

the lenses were tightly wrapped in bubble wrap so i know that they arrived safely.

the lenses came in a nice woven box with a pen with the sites name on it, cute earrings, a lens case, and the lens bottles were wrapped in bubble wrap too. xD

when i took them out, they looked like so –

Alrighty! ;u; I purchased the Geo Hazel lenses

+ Lens Description::

— Diameter: 14.2 mm
— Water Content: 38%-42%
— Base curve: 8.6
— 1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
— Packaged in sterile buffered saline
— FDA and EU approved circle lenses
— Bought without prescriptions

Keep in mind that solution-lens only carry plano lenses, meaning that these are not prescription lenses. ;A;
So I had to wear my glasses over the contact lenses because I’m blind as a bat. Dx

So here are the circle lenses –

sorry, please excuse the redness of my eye. otl it’s allergy season and no matter what I do, my eyes will always be red. and omg, my eyes are so uneven. otl

+ design // color:  5 ?????
it’s a real natural design and that made my mom very happy. she said she didn’t want it to be too extravagant or an odd color. and since i was wearing this and she didn’t even notice, she said I could keep them. huehue

+ enlargement:  4.5 ?????
lol this was my fault mainly. i wanted something kind of big and I thought that 14.2mm was a pretty decent size since my regular contacts aren’t that big yet. otl but nope. it’s probably because my eyes are pretty big as it is but idk.

+ comfort:   4.8 ?????
when i first placed the lenses in my eyes, i blinked several times and they didn’t stay. they moved around in my eye and it was kind of freaky. xD the second day, it was still the same. they didn’t slide around as often, but if I closed my eyes for about twenty seconds and opened them again, they would move. 8/
but these are so soft and light that you barely feel that they’re there. my eyes haven’t dried out and i’ve been wearing these things for three days now. xD which is really good seeing as how i can’t wear my regular contacts for that long. otl

+ overall:  4.8/5 ?????
so overall, i really do like these contacts. my favorite part is because they’re so light. i couldn’t even tell that they were there. and since i had my glasses over these lenses, i didn’t even notice them. they have a more natural look to them so i didn’t get odd stares, these really brighten up your eyes if you have a dark brown like me.

and here’s a selca huehue

lol i look kind of creepy otl

-additional information-

– okies, what i learned is that it’s ok to wear circle lenses if your astigmatism does not exceed 4.00 diopters. i had asked my optometrist about it and he said that astigmatism is when your eyesight is still blurred even with contacts or glasses on; therefore there’s contact lenses with astigmatism correction in it. and diopters is a unit of measurement to calculate the seriousness of your astigmatic eyes.
but anyway, i have astigmatism but it’s not too serious. 8) so just check with your optometrist about it first.

– i really like solution-lens. their site was simple and it made it easy to navigate. there weren’t any large flashy signs which made it extra delightful because i was on my old laptop and it’s slower than a snail omg.  solution-lens offers a large variety of lens brands, shades of color. oh, and they also have those really dynamic lens for the anime cosplayers all for reasonable prices.

so huzzah! i would like to thank solution-lens for giving me a pair and sponsoring my bloggu. ;u; they really have fast customer service so it made contacting much faster and easier. they’re really nice and delightful and so sweet. <3 thank you!
oh! don’t forget to enter their PERMANENT lens giveaway! ;u; more information can be seen HERE.