How Tears are Good for your Eyes

How Tears are Good for your Eyes

How Tears Are Good For Your Eyes

Tears are necessary and most people don’t even realize how important they are to our health. In fact tears give you a good vision and protect your eyes from irritants.

Tears contain a combination of water, oil, sugars and proteins to moisten your eyes, clear debris out of your eyes and allow light to enter into your eyes.

When you forget to blink or stare at a screen, computer or even phone, for too long, your eyes will dry out and you will feel uncomfortable.

People who experienced dry eyes know how painful it is, our tears are the best natural medicine and they are better than any saline solution.

Crying can make you feel better, it might make your eyes red and puffy but it will not affect your eyesight. You might not know but even when you are not crying, tears flow every single time you blink your eyes. When you blink your eyes, you are giving a quick shower of tears to your eyes to keep them moistened and feel comfortable.

There are 3 types of tears that protect and preserve the condition of our eyes. 


Basal Tears

These tears will ensure that your eyes are always wet and nourished.

The cornea has no blood vessels and need the tear film to bring oxygen into the eyes. This kind of tear will create a thin layer on the surface of your eyes every time you blink. The liquid will keep eyes hydrated and the cornea lubricated to limit the impact from movements of the eyelid. Basal tears will also smooth out small dirt from the eye and antibiotic proteins in the tear will also kill bacteria to reduce infection risk.


Reflexive Tears

These tears are the fighting guard of your eyes. Basically these tears are the same as basal tears but they appear in response to a sudden external stimulus such as cutting onion, dust, tear gas, pepper spray and other irritants that can threaten your eyes. These tears are created immediately in protective reflex and wash out those irritants that can be in contact with your eyes.


Emotional or Psych Tears

These tears relate to our emotion states and the lacrimal system produces these tears when we feel pain, anger or when we feel happy.

Emotional tears have special health benefits, they reveal stress hormones and endorphins, the natural pain killer and good feeling hormones, to help you to feel more calm and less emotional after crying.

Remember that crying is good and your eyes health depends on these tears, so let them flow. Next time when you will be about to cry, don’t try to stop it and don’t forget to drink a lot of water after you stop crying.