How to Avoid Eye Infections Risks with my Contact Lenses ?

How to Avoid Eye Infections Risks with my Contact Lenses ?


Today everybody can wear colored contact lenses. New styles that appeared last few years have significantly facilitated wearer’s life and reduced dangers. Even it at first there is no risk to wear circle lenses and if the material itself is safe for the eyes, it doesn’t mean that you can use soft contact lenses without knowing and respect some basic rules of hygiene.


Rules to respect to avoid eye infections

– Always buy your contact lenses in an optical shop or at a trusted online shop selling genuine brands and contact lenses meeting standards FDA and CE at least. One of the most famous webstore is

– Follow the details of the instructions document joined to the contact lenses, especially about expiration date. You should know if your circle lenses are daily lens, weekly lens, monthly lens or yearly lens.

– Don’t wear your contact lenses more than 12 hours a day.

– Don’t sleep with your contact lenses even just for a short nap.

– Wash your hands carefully with soap and dry them with a non-fluffy fabric before handling your contact lenses.

– Soak you contact lenses after each use in a multi-function solution.

– Disinfect your contact lens case daily with multi-function solution and change it every 3 months maximum.

– Check and follow the expiry date indicated on the contact lens vial.

– Don’t share your contact lenses with someone else, even friends or family.

– Don’t clean your contact lenses with tap water or even with physiological saline solution.

– Take off your contact lenses before swimming at the swimming pool or in the sea and also before taking a shower or simply clean your face.

– Don’t wear contact lenses that have cuts, little holes or any other sign of damage.

– Remove right away your circle lenses if you feel uncomfortable like, burning feeling, itchiness or if your eyes are unusually crying. If the condition persist, seek medical attention.

– Keep your circle lenses in a safe and dry place protected from dust.

– Always wear your circle lenses before make you up and take them off after removing your makeup only.

– If you have sand, dust or pollen on your contact lenses, don’t hesitate to take them off and clean them with cleaning or multi-purpose solution.

Wearing contact lenses is something natural for millions users and there is no risk for your health if you respect the basic rules of hygiene and care, don’t hesitate to change your eye color with circle lenses to be sexy at any occasion.