How to Buy Cosmetic Contact Lenses

How to Buy Cosmetic Contact Lenses


Are cosmetic color lenses available without prescription?

Because they are only for cosmetic and aesthetic use and they don’t correct vision issue, you don’t need prescription from your eye doctor to buy color lenses. You can order on our web store without consulting a practitioner. The only contraindications are to keep your contact lenses at night to sleep or even for a nap, to swim, to play extreme sport or if you have any issue with your eyes (allergy, infection, etc…).

Do color contact lenses exist with correction?

Of course yes, but on we sell only color contact lenses for cosmetic use for people who don’t need correction lenses but just want to change the shape and the color of their eyes. If you wish it is possible to wear glasses with color lenses.

What style to choose ?

It all depends the way you want to use your circle lenses. All designs of soft color lenses that we propose can be used by anyone, female, man or children. Choose the color and design that you like. If you want to look natural with your color lenses on then you have to take notice of your skin color, hair or eyebrow color for a full matching and enhance your appearance and your personality, you can highlight the color of your contact lenses depending the color of your clothes.

Which brands to favor ?

not easy to find the way in the maze of color contact lenses brands. The brands choice is fundamental if you don’t want to make mistakes that you will regret and put you eyes in danger. The best for your health safety is to trust famous brands already tested by millions users around the world. Prefer contact lenses brands which sell for a long time and own research laboratories composed of ophthalmologist and other eye doctors, these brands should meet European (CE), American (FDA) and international (ISO) standards. Of course our web store provide only trusted brands meeting the best quality standards as Geo Medical, Vassen, Dueba and Dreamcon.

What is the lifetime of color contact lenses ?

Different lifetimes of color lenses exist, there are daily color lenses, weekly color lenses, monthly color lenses and those that we sell on which are yearly contact lenses. Yearly color lenses are made of hydrogel, their are the best quality product and the less expensive solution. Just a simple daily care is needed to keep your yearly color lenses safely and make them last as long as possible.