How to choose between standard color lenses or circle lenses

How to choose between standard color lenses or circle lenses ?


If you are looking for cosmetic contact lenses, we are going to help you to find which product can fit your desires.

The main difference between normal color lenses and Korean circle lenses is the size or diameter of the lenses. Simple color lenses as Freshlook are designed to fit exactly your iris, they have a standard size unlike Korean circle lenses.

Korean circle lenses are bigger than the iris and it means they will cover a part of the eye around the iris (the white part). Circle lenses are actually a trick to get a look called “dolly eyes” or “big eyes”, with this circle lenses on, your eyes will look bigger and you can easily change color and pattern.

At the beginning Korean circle lenses were not discreet and they were so big that they were not aesthetic at all, your look wasn’t natural and your eyes were similar to fish eyes. But today everything has changed with Korean companies leader on the market and owning the technology to make high quality products. Geo Medical is one of the leader brands proposing circle lenses able to change the size of your eyes, they propose different diameters from 14.0mm to 15.0mm. These circle lenses look natural and beautiful when there are on someone eyes. Hundreds of designs and colors are available, the only limit is your imagination.

Normal color lenses have been created to blend or hide the color of your eyes, colors available are blue, green , brown and black for the classics but some fun colors as purple, pink, yellow or fluorescent green are also available.

Blends of colors and special patterns also exist , they are made to highlight your eyes. People around you or strangers in the street will be charmed by your eyes when you will be wearing color lenses.

Models of color lenses and Korean lenses that we propose on our website have in common to be “soft” lenses, they are made from a material absorbing water. Our lenses are smooth, easy to manipulate and more comfortable than any other kind of contact lenses. They also are the safest.

All our contact lenses are made to last one year after opening. You can also keep them more than 5 years before opening if they stay in their sealed vial.

Color circle lenses are the best way to save money because they are very affordable and last longer than standard contact lenses.

The price is the same if you buy normal color lenses or circle lenses and the reliability of these lenses made in Korea doesn’t need to be questioned anymore. Since 10 years now the brands available on our shop (Vassen, Geo Medical, Dueba) meet international standards as American F.D.A. and European C.E. Korean color lenses and circle lenses are quality products 100% safe. You are the only one who can keep them safe after opening the vials by respecting the basic rules of hygiene.

To know if color lenses or circle lenses meet your expectations and your needs, you have to try them on, it is exactly as another fashion accessory. Do not hesitate to order 1 or 2 pairs of contact lenses. The average price is $19..90, so why are you still waiting? But if you order 2 pairs do not forget to select a third pair for free, this is our welcome gif.

Enjoy our offers as BUY 2 GET 1 MORE FRE PAIR and much more !