How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men

How Men should Choose Circle Lenses?

How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men


You will find many Hollywood actors often wearing circle lenses: Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Ashton Kutcher, Brad Pitt and many metrosexual super stars. These celebrities look gorgeous with circle lenses.

Contact lenses can change your natural eye color to extraordinary eye color. These contact lenses can be used daily as cosmetics and makeup, they will jazz up your eyes and bring back your twinkle.

No matter what your natural eye color is, you can change your eyes to any color you wish. Wearing lenses is famous all around the world and “big eyes” circle lenses are not only for Asian people but also fit Caucasian people. These lenses are not only for women but also for men, you just need to know how to choose the right ones for your eyes. 

Circle lenses come in various designs and styles, but how to choose the right circle lenses for a man like you? You should focus on the lenses that will bring out the masculine features. The key is to keep it natural. Men should only choose circle lenses which color is close to their own eye color and iris size, just to enhance their eyes appearance instead of completely changing their eye color.

Improve your look by keeping your skin color and hair color in mind. Different colors will work differently depending on your natural eye color.

You can enhance your eyes easily by choosing cool tone contact lenses such as aquamarine, ocean blue or emerald green if you have pale skin tone and light hair.


Geo Sparkling Blue: theses lenses are perfectly complemented for your features and natural light eye color.


How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men





Chocolate, hazel, jade, topaz or any warm color contact lenses are the best companion for men with dark brown hairs and medium to tan skin tone. It is believed that warm contact lenses spell romance and give a twinkle to men’s eyes.

Geo Coco Choco: brown is a neutral color which is always a good choice for men. brown contact lenses will bring out your masculinity and mysterious appeal. These lenses are great chocolate lenses to make your eyes look more attractive with a natural look.

How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men




Some contact lenses are working well on all men either with light eye color, combination or dark eye color. Three tones color lenses are natural and the hues will blend into their eyes to enhance their look and help them to be more handsome with a gorgeous personality.

GEO Tri-color Gray – This is an ideal choice for both light and dark brown eyes to touch up your look and give you a youthful and carefree appearence.

How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men


The main rule is to stay natural when considering circle lenses for men.

Once you have chosen the color, always get a second opinion from your trusted friends and also check the result with both indoor and outdoor light to be sure that your eyes look good in any type of light.


Here are a few choices that can make you look more attractive like these male celebrities.




How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men

Tom Cruise Contact Lenses

Tom Cruise has natural brown eyes that bring him a charismatic personality. Here he is spotted with three tone green circle lenses.




How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men

Orlando Bloom Contact Lenses

Orlando Bloom also has natural brown eyes but he looks the best with blue contact lenses for exmaple for his role as “Legolas” in the Lord of the Ring and The Hobbits movies.


How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men

Edward Norton Contact Lenses

The American actor, producer and director has pulled off his gorgeously natural look wearing ash blue circle lenses to emphasize his ash brown hair and medium skin tone.

More photos with Korean Idols in Circle Lenses

How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men


These are just few offers but we have plenty of other lenses on our store.

The choice of circle lenses depend on your preferences but the most important is to choose a pair of lenses that will give you the kind of look that you like.

Also, it is always wise to consult an eye doctor before buying your first pair of circle lenses to make sure that your eyes are perfectly healthy.


How To Choose Circle Lenses For Men