How to Choose Makeup for Contact Lens Wearers

How to Choose Makeup for Contact Lens Wearers


Contact lenses are perfect options if you want to increase the beauty of your eyes and show your charming look with gorgeous features, however many women have problems and feel that it’s difficult to makeup.

Wearing contact lenses is the best choice to divert attention from crowd and allow you to show your adorable eyes and your perfect eyelashes. With your gorgeous contact lenses, you can enjoy the freedom of countless makeup styles to highlight your eyes.

Every women wants to learn how to make the best eye makeup because eyes are the most important part of women facial features and are extremely vital for a complete perfect look. You need to emphasise their beauty strength through good makeup techniques, especially when wearing contact lenses.


Beautiful Eye Makeup


We recommend you to use cosmetics that are designed specifically for contact lens wearers. These products are gentle for your eyes and are free of nylon, rayon fibers or mica particles that can flake off and fall into your eyes then damage your contact lenses.

These cosmetics should be water soluble, easy to remove and hypoallergenic for your skin if you have ever experienced a sensitivity reaction before.

The best option is to choose hypoallergenic cosmetics, oil-free products, and eye-friendly brands that won’t cause eye irritations and are easier to remove. Apply a light moisturizer on your face but stay away from heavy creams around the eye area as they can ruin your makeup and may smudge your contact lenses.


Cosmetics for Makeup

After having found all the cosmetics that match your skin type and are safe for the contact lenses in your eyes then you are ready to makeup.

Here we have some amazing makeup tips for all contact lens wearers that are very simple yet very useful in order to make your life easier and to help you look gorgeous in every situation.

First thing that you have to do before starting to apply your favorite cosmetics is to make sure that you have cleaned your face and washed your hands properly and thoroughly with antibacterial soap, then dried them with clean clothe. This is a very important step because if you have cream or any other impurities on your hands they may transfer to you lenses and your eyes will get irritated and may end up with serious infections, especially if you have sensitive eyes. Eye infection is the first wonder for contact lenses wearers but it can easily be avoided if you always clean your hands and face this way.

Now you can insert the contact lenses into your eyes and this way your contact lenses will stay clean and won’t smear your makeup.

Remember that you have to put on your contact lenses prior to applying eye makeup and take them off before you remove makeup on your face.

Our advice is to go for lighter textured products for your foundation, such as water based makeup foundations which is greater than oil based makeup foundations because they won’t leave marks or films on your contact lenses and they are also good for your pores.

Be careful when applying powder on your face and close your eyes before applying it to avoid any particles entering your eyes or getting under the lenses, and then remove all excess powder on eye area before opening your eyes.

Liquid, cream and pressed powder eye shadows are perfect choices for contact lenses wearers. Cream or liquid eye shadow are better for your eyes compared to powder eye shadow that can easily fall into your eyes and cause irritations.


Colorful Eye Shadows


If you prefer to use loose powder eye shadows, keep your eyes closed during application and remove any eye shadow powder excess before opening your eyes, or you can add a little water to your powder and use a sponge to apply it over your eyelids.

Eyeliners should be soft and waterproof eye pencils are good options, better than liquid eyeliners that may smear your contact lenses, and we don’t recommend you to apply eyeliners to the inner surface of the eyelids, as it may cause some irritation.

The next step of eye makeup is your lashes and you shouldn’t use a lash-extending mascara which contains fibers but you can use a hypoallergenic waterproof mascara and apply it carefully only at the tips of your eyelashes without getting too close to the eyelashes base.

Never use mascara as eyeliner to prevent the mascara wand from accidentally brushing your eyes or your contact lenses and help prevent your eye makeup to flake off into your eyes.

Try to avoid hair spray, cologne, deodorant and other spray products when wearing your contact lenses. These spray products can damage your contact lenses but if you want to use these products, always use them before applying your contact lenses  and never after. Make sure to keep your eyes closed in case you must really use spray if you have contact lenses in your eyes, and keep your eyes shut a few seconds after you have finished with it.

You should wash your makeup applicators at least once a week and let them sun dry to kill all bacteria, replace your eye makeup frequently at least every three months, check the expiry dates of your products and you should not use old cosmetics because bacteria could have got into your products to finally reach your eyes.

Also, it is very important not to share your cosmetics and makeup with others.

You have to pay attention to keep your lenses away from contact with nail polishes, nail polish removers, eyelash glue and any types of perfumes as they can damage the material of circle lenses.

Always remove your contact lenses with clean hands before going to bed and remove your makeup, then you can go to sleep. You can gently use a fragrance oil free cleanser to remove your makeup.

By following our simple and useful advices, you can apply your makeup correctly and you can also avoid any risk of eye irritations, eye infections, and contact lenses damage.

While wearing contact lenses if your eyes develop any eye irritation or pain, you must immediately remove your contact lenses and consult your eye care professional for prompt treatment.

Now, you can handle your contact lenses with care and highlight your eyes with a cheerful makeup to be ready to shine among your friends this morning, during the day, and this evening.