How to Choose the Perfect Contact Lens Color for your Eyes

How to Choose the Perfect Contact Lens Color for your Eyes ?


Color lenses or circle lenses allow to change the color of your eyes in an instant and modify your look very easily for a very affordable price.


Circle lenses are accessories made to change your appearance but you can’t consider them as any accessory because they are a high technology medical product which needs special care. Everyone care his eyes and this is the reason why you have to take maximum precautions while using color lenses.


Color contact lenses available in stores as optician store are generally sold as monthly contact lenses, they are sold by pair and can be found without or with correction from -10.00 to +10.00 correction.


The most famous circle lenses known in the world are not the ones that can be found in an optical shop but the circle lenses sold on online shop as

In fact opticians do not want to sell a product that is better performing and less expensive than the contact lenses for sale in their stores. Color lenses can be worn 12 months instead of 1 month as optician contact lenses.


Indeed circle lenses also called Korean lenses are colored lenses sold worldwide and renowned for their quality. Color lenses have been launched in Asia and became really popular there due to the fact that Asian people are slant-eyed and need something to make their eyes look bigger and different.

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To make the best choice of color lenses you have to wonder an important question which is, do you really want to change the color of your eyes or just blend another color into the natural color of your eyes ?


Two kinds of color contact lenses exist. The first kind are transparent contact lenses as fresh look color blend, the second kind are opaque color lenses able to totally hide the natural color of your eye.


With transparent color lenses as freshlook color blend you can get a natural blend of colors thanks to the color of the circle lenses that you have selected and the original color of your eyes, the final result color will be unique. The secret to get the best result is to make the right choice when you decide what color you are going to buy because some colors won’t match well with your natural eye color. Make some tests or ask on forums to people who have already experimented Korean lenses. You can also check the board at the bottom of this article which could help you find out what color you need.


With opaque circle lenses there is no surprise with the result on your eyes as you will get the color that you have selected and you were looking for. The only problem is that sometimes depending the design, your eye color might not look natural, if you care. But anyway why trying to get a natural effect today ? It is useless for many who just want to be beautiful, and anyway using makeup is also not so natural. it just depends on what you really need, opaque lenses with natural look or opaque lenses with and eccentric style. Nobody will be chocked if you choose unnatural circle lenses, except maybe if you choose to wear the crazy series contact lenses which can turn your eyes into zombie, vampire or witch eyes: these lenses can scare people if it’s not Halloween and some kids might cry.


Geo Medical labs is a real research center known internationally. Geo Medical offers a large range of products, with designs copying perfectly the human iris or creating pattern made to match natural iris colors. Even if companies as Geo or Vassen use the best technology it is always difficult to have a real natural look. The reason is simple, when we look at one eye the iris is not on the outside but inside and it is covered by a transparent part called cornea. The cornea gives all its intensity to the color of the iris which can change a bit with the surrounding light. Human eyes have a depth that is difficult to reproduce perfectly with circle lenses. But year after year the color lenses technology is improving and aim to make circle lenses look like human eyes in a close future. The products proposed today are already close to reach that perfection and made with smart and safe materials as the hydrogel.


On the other side, many of our customers are not looking for contact lenses that looking natural. The trend is to be seen and noticed and this is the main reason why often people choose to wear circle lenses. Trendy circle lenses are crazy lenses, they are loved by cosplayers and others people for special occasion as Halloween parties. It is possible to find circle lenses as cat eyes, bloodshot eyes, vampire eyes, monster eyes, naruto eyes, witch eyes, lizard eyes or demon eyes. These lenses are perfect to complete a costume and give life to a character.


So no matter what you want there is always a pair of circle lenses able to fit your needs which allow you to change your look and your appearance in an instant and this for a while or forever, depending on what you want and like.