How to choose your circle lenses

How to choose your circle lenses?



Every morning you dress up , make up and get your hair done depending on the day and the occasion, your mood or the weather, so why don’t you do the same with your eyes ?

Have you ever wished to have hypnotic blue eyes as Eva Green or Charlize Theron, the beautiful green eyes of Rihanna or the gorgeous hazel eyes of Natalie Portman ? These stars looks are now at you fingertips thanks to contact colored lenses. Yes, you guessed it, all these celebrities wear color contact lenses and nobody knows their real eye color.


In Asia, Europe and America the Geo Medical brand leads the circle lenses business because this brand offers a large choice of colors from classical to eccentric lenses. And these circle lenses can also correct your eyesight problems if you need. People suffering of astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness will be happy to wear circle lenses to correct their vision issue and be able at the same time to change their eye color. Welcome to a new freedom life, the time of glasses slavery is over.


To make the right choice of circle lenses you should consider the color of your eyes to match it with the color of your circle lenses. You can decide to totally hide the natural color of your eyes by wearing opaque circle lenses and you can enjoy amazing results thanks to this high technology product made from safe and soft hydrogel material.


You have the choice to wear daily disposable contact lenses or yearly circle lenses which are more affordable. Circle lenses need a special care, they have to be cleaned with a multi-function lens care solution and soaked overnight that solution. The multi-function lens solution is made to moisturize and disinfect your color lenses. The best brands of yearly circle lenses are Geo, Dueba or Vassen, these brands are trusted by millions users over the world and meet American F.D.A as well as European C.E. standards.


Circle lenses are great accessories for many reasons. First they allow to enhance your appearance, magnify your eyes, your personnality, your character, they help to feel good about yourself, give depth to your look or even bring fantasy to your life. Circle lenses are the best asset to seduce the one you crushed on.


Color lenses make life easier for those who need to daily wear glasses and if you compare circle lenses with glasses, it is totally another world. Color lenses are always more handy and comfortable. Contact lenses are a good way to save money and in case that you lose one pair of circle lenses it’s nothing compared to the loss of one pair of expensive glasses.


Once your circle lenses are in your eyes no need to think about them for 10 hours. You won’t have to look after them everywhere or take them off to clean them because they are dirty or foggy.

Glasses can fall down and break, you can also sit on them. There are hundreds good reasons to prefer contact lenses to glasses, circle lenses have just a little constraint which is that you must take care of them by cleaning them with lens care solution once a day, but don’t worry this is easy as stealing a candy from a baby. Sometimes circle lenses have bad reputation because some people tell that they are scared by ridiculous news that media spread, but in fact there is no risk and people are just afraid to put something in they eyes. Most people who are scared by contact lenses believe for wrong reasons that they are going to feel uncomfortable once the contact lenses are on, which is totally wrong.


When color lenses are properly put in your eyes, there is no feeling at all, they become “invisible” and you will forget them. There is no risk of infection if you take good care of your circle lenses and respect all the basic rules of hygiene. You can get used to wear and take care your circle lenses very fast, maybe within two days for the slowest learner.


Try out our circle lenses at least once then you won’t be able to live without them anymore.


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