How to Clean and Take Care of your Color Lenses

How to Clean and Take Care of your Color Lenses?


It’s a big mess among lens care solutions, not easy to find the best among hundreds products available on the market that can be fiound in a store down the street or on the Internet.

Making the good choice of lens care solution is essential, it is as much important as choosing contact lenses. Lens care solution is made to give long life to your circle lenses and clean them by killing bacteria which could be dangerous for your eyes.

According to a survey recently made, some lens care solutions are not efficient and even worse, in some extreme cases they could toxic.

Choose our web store to buy multi-purpose care solutions, much more convenient instead of using one solution for each purpose. Taking good care of contact lenses means that you have to: disinfect, clean, lubricate, rinse and preserve. If you don’t use a multi-purpose solution it means that you will have to use 5 different bottles to take good care of your contact lenses and your eyes.

Of course the solution doesn’t make your circle lenses 100% safe if you don’t respect the basic rules of hygiene, so you should check out the following list:

It is necessary to wash your hands with soap and dry them with a clean fabric towel instead of tissue or paper towel which can let some fluffs on your hands and stick on your contact lens or your eye later. This operation needs to be done each time when you want to manipulate your circle lenses.

It is also important to clean your circle lenses after use. Your circle lenses have to be soaked entirely in the multi-purpose solution, You can use a bowl to put the solution and your circle lenses inside but the best is a special case which can be closed because it will avoid that dust and other little annoying things come inside. On we offer you a free case for each pair of circle lenses that you buy on our web boutique.

One more step is too often forgotten: gently massage one contact lens between two fingers during approximately 20 seconds. This step will take off microscopic particles also called proteins made by the eyes and make sure that the solution is well absorbed by the circle lenses. The best way to kill bacteria is to let your contact lenses absorb the solution and other germs. At the mean time check carefully if your lenses are not damaged, if you see scratches or tears then throw away immediately the defective lens.

The lens case has to be well cleaned too because it can be source of infection. You must clean your lens case with multi-purpose solution regularly.

As you probably know, it’s highly inadvisable to rinse contact lenses with tap water which contains bacteria and others microorganisms, the contact lenses could be contaminated. The contact lens care solutions that we propose you are inexpensive because they cost between $10 and $15 and it is essential to use them.

If you use your contact lenses daily 8 to 12 hours a 60ml solution vial will last more than a month and will cost almost nothing, it is the best investment for the safety of your eyes. Better not be stingy using the care solution when you’re cleaning your lenses. Being generous will avoid all kind of infection. Keep in mind that the material of the contact lenses is never the cause of infection, it is only due to a bad care of the circle lenses.

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