How to Clean Trim and Take Care Cosplay and Halloween Wig

How to Clean, Trim, Take Care Cosplay and Halloween Wig ?


Beautiful Japanese manga style color wigs that we propose on our shop are the best on the market, they are well known and deemed to be very strong and hold well on your head. We assure that you can enjoy our wigs for 10 years and more, no matter if you wear them daily or sometimes. For example, during special event, like fashion defile, Halloween or New Year’s eve party. Thanks to wigs you can change your hairstyle and hair color whenever you want. These synthetic wigs are very easy to take care. Here are some recommendations to help you to enjoy your wigs as long as possible keeping their original condition for years.

How to clean your Korean wig ?

Before cleaning your colorful wig, start by brushing it softly to untangle synthetic fibers. Then soak it in a basin or a sink fulfilled with cold water in which a special wig shampoo was added before, you can also use soft shampoo, baby shampoo will do the job too. To remove bad smells (cigarette, food, sweat…) from your wig, the trick is to add soda bicarbonate into the water and soak your wig around 20 minutes, stir it up time to time. To rince the wig soak it two times in cold clear water. You can use a hair conditioner to make the wig brighter and softer. To dry it, the best is to let it dry on a mannequin head in a free area to let it breathe and keep its original shape. Otherwise leave it on a towel and let it dry by itself in an open space, then wear it when the wig is still a bit wet. Be careful, never dry your wig with hot air and hair dryer. Once your wig is dry, it’s time to brush and do your hair gently to untangle the synthetic hair.


How to trim and set the synthetic wig?

To cut synthetic hair there is no special recommendation, except that you need to know the basics in hairdressing because if you messed up, the wig risks to be unusable. If you want to make sure that nothing bad will happen to your wig, better give it to a professional barber and ask the hairstyle that you need. To give the final shape that you need to your wig, you can use usual hair spray without alcohol or a special wig hair spray but it is more expensive and not very useful.


How to dye a synthetic wig ?

Usual dye used for natural hair won’t work on the synthetic fiber of the wig, if you try this way you will not get the expecting result. On the other hand dye for synthetic wig exists but is very expensive and difficult to find in stores. Luckily there is another solution which is using garment dye (acrylic ink). You might not find the color that you need but you can create it by blending colors together. Once you get the right color you can start making a test by applying dye on a lock with a brush, then if you are satisfied about the result then you can finish all the wig lock by lock with your brush.



Having the knowledge to take good care of your synthetic wig is a big advantage if you like to join cosplay events or create costumes for Halloween. You are now able to fit your own needs and turn your hairstyle into what you really want, so do not hesitate to make your dreams come true.